Kendrick Lamar
The hip hop muziki scene is transforming itself with the emergence of new projects that speak positive social change. The new poetry of universal hip hop is reflected through the muziki of artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Their approach has changed the face of hip hop to create the new renaissance movement in muziki today.

"Alright" is one of Lamar's hits from his Grammy award winning project, “To Pimp a Butterfly." The song tells the story of a person who overcomes internal and external defeat through perseverance and focused vision. It is an anthem to the power of relentlessness in the face of challenges.

"4pm in Calabasas" is Drake's new release that takes listeners back to the origins of hip hop and braggadocio in its natural art form. Drake's lyrical flow is playfully strategic in delivering a modern flavor to the classic style made famous kwa legendary artists such as Eric B. and Rakim.

Mr. Jonez, a Cincinnati rapper, joins the ranks of Lamar and drake with his new single, "Addicted."
This song is for every parent, teen, child, and adult who has ever gone through some sort of addiction in its variety of forms. It has all the ingredients of success including its social message and quality studio mixing that can propel it to a hit record of today's hip hop scene.

Source: This Is 50, Hip Hop Dx, Billboard Magazine

Mr. Jonez