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Article by leo_di_agelo posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
fan of it?

Disclaimer- all rights go to RR for the great character of Nico....And some credits go to Imagine dragoni for making this beautiful song!

Nico's point of view(it's kind of obvious but still..):

I ran into the store and hid in the corner. What had I just done? I was still mad at Percy for breaking his promise and letting my sister die but what I done seemed a bit rash. I had finally found a family. A place to call nyumbani now that was gone to. On my way to the store, I thought about the hole in the dining pavillion. Now, I know who my father is. Hades. Just then, the muziki in the store had changed. I knew the song. What was it called again? Demons?

when the days are cold
well, it is kind of cold outside. that's why I came in.

and the cards unfold
I fished out my mythomagic set just a stupid game I threw them

when the saints we see are all made of gold