Okay, uandishi this is going to be wicked tough because there's probably a million reasons why I upendo Nightmare Before Christmas. But, I've narrowed it down to my (opinionated) reasons why I think Nightmare Before krisimasi is one of the best Disney sinema ever made x)
1. THE SOUNDTRACK: Who can go wrong with songs like This is Halloween, Jack's Lament, What's This, Kidnap the Sandy Claws, Town Meeting Song, Sally's Song, and Oogie Boogie's song?
2. THE CHARACTERS: With lovable Heroes (Jack and Sally) and impossible-to-hate villains (Lock, Shock, and Barrel), Nightmare Before krisimasi delivers the full package.
3. THE FEELZ: Oh, gosh, this movie plays with my emotions every time I watch it...Especially at the beginning, with an upbeat song like "This Is Halloween" transitioning into a slower, zaidi mellow song like "Jack's Lament".
4. THE ORIGINALITY: Disney has both some original and unoriginal ideas (come on, let's face it), but I can definitely call this a well-thought-out, brilliantly crafted masterpiece with nothing but originality down to the last scene.
5. THE HAUNTING ROMANCE: In my opinion, Tim burton is FANASTIC at this one. A haunting romance is not only seen in Nightmare Before Christmas, but the Corpse Bride as well. Let's get back to the Disney movie, though.
These are only my 5 reasons. I prob missed a few, but we all have our own reasons x)