For a few months zamani when I created this spot, I did'nt knew if it would become popular. In the start there was only 5 fans. Now, I think things are going better at this spot. I've also seen that it's number 2 of the orodha over the spot with most viungo in the muziki channel (hurray)...It's nice to see al those new mashabiki here lately. I've also changed the banner, if wewe noticed.
But these two weeks, I have also added a lot to this spot, I think. When wewe think about I am the only one who have added (exsept for one video). Anyway, I am glad that wewe are interested in Nightwish, I just wish that wewe could add some maoni au something, so I can see your opinion. And if wewe are wondering about something that have something to do with Nightwish, then just ask. I know al most everything about them. Otherwise I will find out. I also want to know if I should change the spot picture...Please let me know. Also if wewe misses a video of nightwish, then I will be glad to find it for you. Just come to me! :)

Just a small arcticle from me here in the nightwish spot. See ya, fellow fans!