What is Nyan cat?
Nyan Cat is a gray cat that is in a strawberry poptart. What is the rainbow? Many people say that the nyan cat is pooping it out. But who knows. The muziki playing around it is the cat 'saying nyan' a bunch of times.

Who created it?
The video is crated kwa the user sara00n.

Is there zaidi video like Nyan Cat
Many people people have made other video like it. Like Tac Nyan. Tac Nyan is Nyan Cat's enemy. Tac Nyan is in a waffle and looks very evil. >:)

How long does it go on
The original video goes on for 3:37. Many people have made video that go up to 10 hours. There is also a site on Nyan Cat to see how long can last.

Why do people like Nyan Cat so much?
Most people like it because it is so bila mpangilio and funny.

What is the point of nyan cat?
Like some video the point is not defined. Probably to make people laugh.