So I've noticed lately that their is quite the rivalry growing in the fandom between Team Neal and Team Hook. Now I'm not going to attempt to chance anyone ones mind because I am well aware that the ship has long sense sailed and most are committed to going down with it.

However as a neutral party in this battle* I feel like I should point out to everyone involved (before thing get too bitter) that wewe are not as differnt as wewe might think. So here goes..

10 things Captain swan and SwanFire have in Common

1. They run in the same social circles

2. They have common enemies

3. They are both 100+ years Emma's senior

4. They both have a checkered past

5. They have both loved and lost.

6. Both were betrayed kwa someone they trusted.

7. They were both consumed kwa fear and self-interest.

8. They both upendo Emma

9. They both left her behind bars

10. They will both do anything to win her back.

* Minervadawn's Ship History -

I am a die hard Gremma shipper and believe me he died hard. I'm still getting over the fact that it is NEVER gonna happen. T_T Since then I have been trying to songesha on. My new OTP's are Mulora and Frankinwolf as well as my juu brOTP Snow White & Rose Red but I haven't found a new ship for Emma yet.

On first meeting I took an instant dislike to Hook. I'm not the type of person that is in to bad boys but he began to grow on me. He is such a woobie and once he dropped the penis innuendoes I was committed. He has really matured and actually become quite adorable with his school boy crush on Emma.

Neal on the other hand was an instant win for me. He is exactly the kind of character I fall for, tragic yet at the same time adorable in a dorky everyman sort of way. I don't see Swanfire as "true love" just ordinary upendo and I prefer it that way. I find it refreshing among all the epic fairytale upendo stories on this show.

In conclusion, I have no "Endgame" for Emma. In my opinion both these men have a lot of work to do before they are worthy of Emma. Who will make it there first? Who knows? I for one will continue to root for both of them... that way I can't lose. :)