Alias: Kieran
Age: 30+
Gender: Male

Personality: Friendly, open-minded, and upendo human psychology, children, animals, and doing research for my RPing/writing. I'm also a very passionate writer - I don't hurry from a situation to the next, I upendo to take it slow and dig into my characters' heads and the situation itself when I write about them. That is not to say I constantly write really in-depth - of course I don't, au that I'd never do a time-skip - of course I do...Just, i don't want to needlessly hurry. To me, it's quality over quantity.

Been roleplaying since:
Since 2003.


This would be just for the two of us, a 1x1 RPG. I have created two OC characters, a father and his young (9+ years old) son into the Once Upon A Time universe. I'm looking for someone to RP the father while I RP the son. There's a lot of room for wewe to add your vision in the father. Both are non-magical people born and living here in the land without magic, specifically in London, England - but through the son's belief in everything and adventurous nature they end up stuck in the Enchanted Forest for at least six months some time during the First Curse's effects. They'll end up in the Forest in our mwaka 1968 long before the First Curse happened.

They befriend some of the fairytale characters there, and then after managing to return to their own world and time...Some time after the First Curse gets broken they somehow hear about Storybrooke and visit USA in tafuta of it, possibly even finding it and get reunited with those fairytale friends. Maybe they'll visit even some of the other storybook lands!

We would acknowledge only the Season 1 of the show. Anything after the First Curse gets broken would be completely in our hands.

I want to RP both; everyday life scenarios in London and in the Enchanted Forest, as well as adventures in the Enchanted Forest and later their travels in the USA looking for Storybrooke. I absolutely upendo everyday life / famiily life plots while I'm also inspired to do adventuring in the OUAT universe. Point being; I'm not looking to focus on the adventuring, instead I'd like to balance the two plot types out equally. Maybe even a little bit zaidi focus on the family life in both lands, after all not only do I upendo it so but they are two very different worlds, and everyday life is very important to character development.
My activity habits:
2-4 times a week. I can sometimes post once au twice a siku if my uandishi partner is that active and if the current situation happens to be that inspiring. And as I have some RPGs to maintain quality adminning and gaming in, there may be a few weeks periods when I can only post once a week. Sometimes, though even zaidi rarely I may take 2-3 weeks to reply (in which case it might also be because I need to give extra much thought to what I want to write.) But on average I indeed post a few times a week. Remember, my policy is quality over quantity. Yet I do aim at reasonable activity.

My usual post length:
My average post is 200-700 words, but quite often I may get inspired to produce 1000+ words.

Third person au first person:
In third person. Absolutely.

Preferred rating:
15+ with the freedom to kuvuka, msalaba over to 18+ any time I may feel like it. I'm fine with uandishi graphic violence, drug use ect. but don't want to focus on it. Anyway, wewe should be at least 18 years old.

Characters For Plot

The father character is an accomplished, well-respected and retired police officer in his early 40s. He was a cop since the early 1990s but took a five years long career break after his son was born, to care for him and raise him because his wife died shortly after giving birth to the boy. He returned to work when his son started school at age 5 but did not return to the police service. He's a devoted and good father, strict but fair, and believes in spanking as effective method of child rearing but does not use implements as he does not want to risk bruising his child. He's in the Christian faith, (Protestant, Ev.Lut., Liberal) and attends church with his son every Saunday, Easter and Christmas. He does not believe in magic and such stuff, so his belief system is in some respects completely turned around when he finds himself in the Enchanted Forest with his boy. You'd be free to vision his past and the rest of his personality, of course regarding what I visioned above and in his son's biography linked below. I would prefer his play-by to be Gerard Butler, but feel free to suggest someone else if that doesn't appeal to you.

The son is a very colourful personality, for one spirited and curious, and believes in everything from magic to aliens. His also artistic and sporty. And much more. The relationship between him and his father is very close and their bond strong. link is the son's bio.

Contact me:
Via a PM here at Fanpop.

The RPing would happen over there on the foramu I've founded, where the character bios are.
The gaming woulf be in fluid time flow au rather time doesn't flow at all, as in we would be setting game events in any timeline order to any point of time we're currently inspired to play. Although I do prefer keeping a relatively liniar timeline order and not do huge leaps in time, but point being we're not tied to any specific order nor have to hurry according to real time.

I dedicate myself for years to RPGs I start - so I would highly appreciate if wewe were inspired enough to RP this for years to come. Of course, life happens and sometimes one may have to take a long break au even quit, but wewe know...As the initial plan, if wewe could see yourself uandishi this with me for years. And let me know if wewe ever need to take a break au quit.