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This Once Upon A Time karatasi la kupamba ukuta might contain cocktail mavazi, ala, cocktail dress, kutoboa, picha, headshot, and closeup.

posted by TDDD
People seems to have a lot of issues with Emma and some of the choices she made. She has never been a favourite character of mine but I really feel dreadful for her. She was forced into a lot of shitty situations where she had to make terrible decisions and generally always chooses to do right kwa other people even if it will bring her heartache.

Starting at the very beginning, one of the main things that Emma did that people use against her is her giving up Henry. I've seen her called a terrible person, a bad mother, and all sorts of things because of this and the kicker? She didn't have a choice!...
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EDIT: As of episode seven, The moyo is a Lonely Hunter, we now know that Sheriff Graham was, indeed, the Huntsman. Hooray for everyone who guessed right!

We haven't been told yet who is Sheriff Graham's fairy tale counterpart (or rather, who he really is), but I strongly suspect that he is the Huntsman from the Snow White fairy tale. To refresh your memory, in the fairy tale, the Huntsman was ordered kwa the Queen to take Snow White out into the forest, cut out her moyo (or her liver, tongue au other internal organ, depending on the version) and bring it back to her as proof that Snow White...
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Once Upon a Time 6x05 "Street Rats" - Enter a whole new world of magic and adventure. TVP. At the moyo of a wondrous quest, lie the majibu this savior is seeking.
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