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posted by harry98
'So when are we going' I asked Harry the inayofuata day. 'Tomorrow' he answered. 'Cool' I told him. I started to pack.I was a bit thirsty so I went to get coke. I spotted Zayn kwa the sink. 'Hey Zayn.'I alisema .Zayn grabbed me and shoved me into a closet. 'Right wewe can't tell anyone'he alisema 'Tell anyone what?' I was really confused. 'That I'm throwing a surprise birthday for ...........' he told me all the details. 'Ok' I alisema 'But wait until I'm back' I took a can of koki and left. The inayofuata morning Harry woke me up at 5 in the morning. 'I'm too tired' I complained. He grabbed my duvet off me and threw it on the floor.I jumbed out of kitanda and knocked him to the ground.He banged his head of the kitanda and he twisted his ankle! 'Get off me' he told me. I got off him and got dressed. 'Let's go' I told him. 'What about Leah and Niall' he asked. 'Oh ya' I said. We woke them and the boys called a taxi. Harry came in. 'Harry I'm tired.' He took the hint and carried me out! It tool a while to get to the airport but I slept on Harry's lap the whole way. I felt sorry for Leah because Niall was in the front she had no one to cuddle! When we arrived Harry bought me some coke,a bag of minstrels and a magazine. 'Thanks' I told him. We got on the plane at 9. I slept the most of the way so I was fine.Harry woke me up suddenly and alisema 'Look we're here' I was in LA with my superstar boyfriend! How much better can life get?
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posted by johncenaw85oi
I actually got up in time the inayofuata morning, but that was because i had got a text from niall! It said:

“hey! Call over around 6 ok?x”

That didn’t seem like niall, because he NEVER spells things correctly! But maybe he wanted to? Im not sure. I replied:

“ya dats perfect;) xx”

I put down my phone and quickly got ready. I didn’t feel like breakfast, so i just grabbed an apple to eat on my way up. I called for kate, and she came outside.

She told me that she was going out with harry on Friday and i told her that i was going over to nialls. The two of us were like jumping up and down!

We met...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
The doctor came in and told me i had to get stitches so he was gonna have to put me to sleep.

I wasn’t looking mbele to being put to sleep but i didn’t mind as long as it would take away the pain. And afterwards, maybe i will be allowed to go see niall, Amanda, kate and everyone else!

I was put to sleep a few dakika after that, so i haven’t a clue what happened! I presume that he stitched my head up, and then waited for me to wake up. When i woke up, my mom and sister were beside me.

“hi, luv. Are wewe ok?” my mom looked very worried. “ya im grand. kwa the way were am i?” i thought...
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posted by harry98
Part 1!

It was a sunny Monday afternoon in Ireland as me and my bud Leah headed to Supermacs after school. We were going to a One Direction tamasha that night and we were really excited about it! As we headed to Supermacs Leah alisema to me 'What if One Direction are there? I will die!' she alisema happily. 'I doubt it' I replied sadly 'They're probably in some posh hotel getting ready!' Leah frowned and alisema 'We can always hope!' So we kept going and a few dakika later we were at Supermacs.We chatted as we headed inside,suddenly I heard a familiar voice behind me.I turned around and I saw One Direction.................
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