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It was now the siku of the boys’ departure, and the excitement around the house was overwhelming. Each of the boys were in their separate rooms, packing their clothes. Carter was helping Liam finish packing and he was currently going over everything she had to do while he was gone.

“Make sure wewe don’t skip school! I know Harry has a reputation of doing it and I don’t want him to persuade wewe to do it either!”

“Yes Liam.”

“And don’t be having Jake over all of the time. Harry’s still getting over Lucy and I don’t want wewe being all lovey-dovey with Jake in front of him.”

“Yes Liam.”

“And please, just listen to what Harry says, yeah?”

“I promise.”

The doorbell rang so Carter dashed down the stairs to fetch the door. She gasped when she saw Harry stood in the doorway. “Good morning slut.” He murmured, shouldering past her and into the sitting room. She grunted before rejoining Liam in his room.

“It was just Harry.” She told him. “Oh I need to tell him something.” Liam said. “Could wewe pack the rest of my t-shirts please?” “Of course.” Carter smiled. Liam jogged down the stairs and paced into the sitting room where Harry was.

“Hey Haz.” Liam dragged his feet along the floor and leaned against the wall. “Hi LiLi! wewe excited about going to Ibiza mate?” Harry nudged his mate in the stomach. “Yeah! Thanks again for doing this man.” Liam beamed. “No problem dude! I’m zaidi than happy to! Is there anything I need to know? Has Carter got any allergies?” Harry inquired. “Erm…… CARTER! DO wewe HAVE ANY ALLERGIES?!” Liam shouted. Harry chuckled as Carter pounded down the stairs.

“Really Liam? Really?” Carter questioned, narrowing her eyes at her brother. “You have allergies?!” Liam exclaimed. “YES! Nuts, dust, smoke, dairy, fur, glucose, gluten, feathers and unnatural scents!” Carter told him, rolling her eyes. Harry’s eyes widened. How can one girl have so many fucking allergies?!

“You’re not allergic to any of those things wewe twat!” Liam chuckled.

“Yeah, I know. I just wanted to see your reaction!” Carter shrugged, once again dashing up the stairs. “There wewe have it, she’s got no allergies!” Liam laughed. “That’s a relief! So, she doesn’t take any medication au anything, does she?” Harry asked, looking up at Liam. “I give her a tablet everyday to keep her hyper-activity levels down.” Liam retorted. “Carter needs tablets to calm her down?! But she’s so quiet!” Harry remarked. “The tablets must be working then, eh?” Liam chimed.

“WE’RE GOING TO IBIZA LADS! WOO!” Niall shrieked through the hallway.

“Maybe wewe should think about giving Niall those tablets too….” Harry mused. “We do! They don’t affect him in any way whatsoever…” Liam replied, earning a howl of laughter off Harry.

“That’s about all wewe need to know I think. Just call me if wewe think of something else when we’re gone.” Liam said. “Cool.” Harry put his hands behind his head and sat back. “Right, I’m going to finish packing.” Liam announced, patting Harry on the back and leaving the room.

* * * * *

“That’s the last bag boys.” Louis exhaled. Liam and the boys had just finished putting all of their bags in the car.

Louis turned to Carter and pulled her in for a massive hug, squeezing her tightly. “You know Lou; I’m going to really miss wewe squeezing my eternal organs.” Carter mumbled into his shirt. Louis chuckled and kissed her cheek. BYE CARTER!” he roared as he ran into the car.

Niall ran out of the house and picked Carter up. “WE FOUND CARTER IN A HOMELESS PLACE!” he yelled as he held her up in the air. “Shh Niall!” Carter giggled. He hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead. “See wewe in three weeks Carter! I upendo you!” he grinned. “I upendo wewe too Niallers!” Carter smiled.

She strolled up to Zayn, and was unable to keep her tears in any longer. “Carter! Don’t cry babe!” Zayn hushed, pulling Carter into his embrace and wiping her tears away with his sleeve. “I’m sorry. I’m just going to miss wewe guys so much.” She sniffed. She knew that the boys were only going away for 3 weeks, but she had never been without them for zaidi than a day. It was going to feel like a lifetime.

“Don’t worry babe, we’ll be back before wewe know it! And I’ll bring wewe back something nice.” He told her. “No, I don’t want anything. wewe boys coming nyumbani safely will be my present.” She whispered, cuddling into Zayn’s arms. It was salama to say that she was closest to Zayn out of all of the boys.

“I upendo wewe Carter. Make sure you’re waiting at the airport for us!” Zayn laughed. “I upendo wewe more! And I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” She smiled. Zayn kissed her once zaidi before entering the car.

She turned to face Liam and he winked at her, grinning widely. She couldn’t help but let another tear fall from her eye. “Oi! I thought wewe stopped crying a couple of dakika ago!” Liam laughed, pulling Carter into him, the scent of his aftershave lingering in the air.

“I’m going to miss wewe Li Li.” Carter mumbled as Liam held her close to his chest. “I suppose I’ll miss wewe too…” Liam chuckled. “Behave yourself and don’t get into trouble!” he spoke sternly. “Same goes to wewe Liam.” Carter narrowed her eyes at him. “Bye babe. I’ll see wewe soon.” He whispered as he got into the car and Louis revved up the engine.

Harry put his arm around Carter’s shoulder and she instantly tensed up. She waved goodbye to the boys until they were out of sight. She then wriggled out of Harry’s grasp and sprinted into the house. Harry was hot on her heals but she somehow managed to out-run him and dash into her bedroom, locking the door.

Harry came to her bedroom to her bedroom door and turned the handle, only to find out it was locked.

“Carter, open the fucking door.” He cursed at her. “No!” Carter replied harshly. Harry banged his fists against the door. “You can’t stay in your room forever Carter! You’ll starve to death without food!” Harry pointed out, knowing he had Carter beat. “Wrong Harry. Before wewe came, I brought up enough chakula and drink to last me for a month. And besides, I won’t have to stay in here forever, only until the boys come back.” She responded smugly.

“You smart bitch.” Harry spat, banging his fists against the door once more. He began to hit the door with zaidi force. “Harry you’re going to break the fucking door down!” Carter screamed. “That’s my plan wewe fucking twat!” Harry shouted, pushing his body against the door. Carter ran and his under the covers.

Not that it was going to give her much protection. After all, if Harry gets in here, she’s dead.

Harry backed away from the bedroom door, before ramming into it. The door broke off its hinges and dropped to the floor with a thud.

Harry stepped into Carter’s room and made his way over to Carter’s bed. He grabbed the covers and pulled them off her. “Boo.” He barely whispered. Carter shrieked as she tried to run away, but Harry grabbed her and threw her over his shoulders. He began to venture downstairs as Carter kicked and screamed in his arms.

She somehow managed to wriggle from his grasp and run back into her bedroom. But her speed was no match for Harry’s and he soon caught her once again, latching his arm around her neck. He took a tablet out of his pocket and shoved it down Carter’s throat as she desperately tried to break free from his grasp. Carter’s eyelids became heavy and she dropped to the floor in a deep sleep.

Harry grabbed Carter’s motionless body once again and threw her over his shoulders, strolling down the stairs with the biggest smirk of mankind plastered on his face.

* * * * *

Carter awoke suddenly a couple of hours later, along in the sitting room. She exhaled deeply and stood up, clutching her head. “Oh thank god…” she whispered to herself. “I just had a dream that the boys went to Ibiza and left me here with – HARRY!” she screamed when she realised Harry was standing in the doorway.

“S-Stay away from me H-Harry….” She stammered, backing away from him. He scoffed and neared towards her. “Harry p-please…” Carter begged, shielding her face with her hands. Harry grabbed her kwa the neck and slammed her against the wall. Her legs hoisted off the floor as he choked her forcefully.

“Thought wewe could outsmart me? Eh?!” he roared breathing heavily on Carter’s face. She shook her head vigorously, a tear escaping her eye and falling down her cheek. “Do wewe know what Carter? I’ve Lost all respect for you. You’re nothing but a pathetic little girl.” Harry spat, throwing Carter onto the floor and kicking her into the gut. She doubled over in pain and cried silently.

“You’re a fucking disgrace Carter.”

Carter glared up at Harry. “You think I’m pathetic Harry? You’re the pathetic one! wewe beat me up every chance wewe get just for the fun of it! You’re the reason I’m a disgrace! You’re the reason the boys don’t trust me to stay at nyumbani alone Harry! This is your entire fault!” she yelled, her venomous words stabbing at Harry.

“Yeah, yeah Carter. Keep talking! You’re just making things fucking worse for yourself!” Harry shouted, kicking Carter once zaidi before leaving the room and locking the door, smirking to himself.

Her whiny voice was giving him a headache. He’ll sort her out later.

Carter wiped her tears out of her eyes and sighed. She grabbed hold of the kitanda beside her and used it to help her up. She brushed herself off and walked over to the sitting room door. She tried to open it but soon realised it was locked. She kicked in door in a fit of rage, only for a sharp pain to rise up her foot as she winced in pain.

Some time later, Harry unlocked the door and entered the room once again, his eyes falling on Carter who had her back to him, looking out the window.

“What do wewe want for dinner?” he asked blankly. “I’m not hungry.” She retorted. “What are wewe going to eat then?!” Harry questioned impatiently. “I said, I’m not hungry.” Carter repeated coldly. Harry crept up and leaned closer to her.

“If wewe know what’s good for you, wewe won’t speak to me like that.” Harry whispered in carter’s ear. Carter gulped as she gazed at her feet.

“I’ll ask wewe once more, what do wewe want for dinner?” Harry quizzed. “I don’t mind, anything wewe want Harry.” Carter replied in a sweet tone. “That’s better.” Harry chuckled and left the room. Carter ran upstairs and dashed into her bedroom. She opened her drawer and fumbled around in tafuta of something. She soon found it and sprinted into her en-suite bathroom, locking the door.

She was going to be able to survive 3 weeks with Harry; he’ll drive her to death.

She gripped the piece of glass she had gotten from her drawer tightly in the palm of her hand as she took off her hoodie. She glided the glass along her wrists, making deep incisions as she did. She knew this was wrong, but it was her only escape at the moment.

“CARTER! WE’RE GOING OUT!” Harry roared from downstairs.

Carter wrapped bandages around her wrists in order to stop the bleeding and put on her hoodie once more. She skipped downstairs to where Harry was and smiled. “Where are we going?” she inquired. “A take-away. There’s no chakula here. We’ll go shopping tomorrow.” He responded, putting on his jacket. “Oh in that case, I’ll stay here.” She alisema as she headed up the stairs.

Harry grabbed her kwa the wrist and pulled her back. “You’re coming wewe slut.” He growled, gripping her wrist tightly and dragging her out the door. “Harry, p-please let go of my wrist, y-you’re hurting me!” Carter pleaded, wincing in pain. “Aw is poor little Carter hurt? See how I care bitch.” He cackled, squeezing her wrist even tighter and pulling her along the footpath.

“Get in the car.” He grunted. Carter climbed into the back kiti, kiti cha and Harry went into the driver’s seat. Carter thought about jumping out of the car and running for a moment, but decided against it as she did not want to suffer the consequences that would come afterwards.

The car ride was silent and awkward. Carter fidgeted with her fingers in the back of the car, much too engrossed in her own thoughts to notice that Harry was staring at her in his rear-view mirror. “CARTER!” he yelled, causing her to snap up and gasp. He laughed and shook his head. He found it hilarious that he had so much power over Carter. It amazed him how frightened of him she was.

They arrived at the take-away and Harry led Carter inside. He threw her a menu and she gazed down at it blankly. “What do wewe want?” he asked. “You pick.” She shrugged, cracking a small smile. He glared at her before nodding. Harry ordered the chakula and they sat down while they waited for it. Harry went to the bathroom so Carter was left alone. The door swung open and in walked Lucy and Harry’s friends. Carter put her head down in hope that they wouldn’t recognise her, but they did.

“Carter?! What an unpleasant surprise!” Lucy gushed, scooting over to Carter. Carter looked up at her, worry and fright in her eyes. “Aw, look at that boys, Carter’s here alone!” Lucy giggled. “No, actually I’m here with Ha-” Carter tried to speak but Lucy cut her off. “Shut it Carter! No one gives a fuck about what wewe say, wewe whore!” Lucy’s sweet tone suddenly turned into an evil one.

“Take her out boys.” Lucy remarked. Harry’s Marafiki each grabbed Carter’s arms and legs and carried her out of the restaurant. “Put me down!” Carter screamed, trying to wriggle from their grasp. “Shut it bitch.” Lucy spat.

The boys threw Carter onto the floor. She attempted to pick herself up but Lucy pushed her down again. “Where’s your big brother now Carter?” Lucy questioned, bending down to Carter’s level. “He’s gone to Ibiza.” Carter replied, shaking with fear. A smirk grew on Lucy’s cherry-red lips. “Perfect.” Lucy grinned.

She slapped Carter across the face and pulled her off the ground kwa the hair. She shoved her against the wall. “No one can save wewe now Carter.” Lucy whispered, kneeing Carter into the gut. Carter fell to the floor and clutched her stomach in pain.

“Finish her off boys.” Lucy ordered. Harry’s Marafiki surrounded Carter and she tried to pull herself back up. They took turns punching, kicking, slapping and using any way possible to hurt Carter. Her phone fell out of her pocket. She put her hand out to reach it but Lucy wasn’t going to let her. She stomped on Carter’s hand with her high heel and picked up her phone. Carter screamed in pain.

“Shut the fuck up slut! Someone will hear you.”

They continued to beat her as she lay there helplessly. She couldn’t do anything about it. The numbers game was too much.

“Oi! Leave that girl alone!” a deep voice roared from nearby.

Lucy dropped the phone on Carter and her and the boys ran off. Carter heard footsteps nearing towards her. For an instant, she thought that it could be Harry. But then she realised that Harry would never do that. “Carter, are wewe ok babe?” a soft voice asked in concern. Carter’s vision was blurry but she knew kwa the sounds of their voices that it was Mark and Alan from soccer. She was unable to speak and only managed to let a small groan escape her lips.

“Shit Alan, she’s bleeding badly.” Mark chimed. Tears continued to fall from Carter’s eyes as she whimpered in pain. “Shh Carter, we’ve got wewe babe. They can’t hurt wewe anymore.” Alan whispered. A smile placed on Carter’s lips as the two boys lifted her off the ground.

They brought her nyumbani and knocked on the door. Harry answered the door. He had gone nyumbani after Carter had ‘abandoned’ him and was plotting revenge. Alan and Mark’s eyes widened when they saw Harry. “HARRY?! Erm… is Liam au the boys there?” Mark asked awkwardly. “No, they’re gone on holiday. I’m watching the house.” Harry grunted. “Oh in that case… maybe Carter could stay at mine tonight…” Alan quivered, forever being a gentleman.

“No. She’s staying with me.” Harry alisema sternly. “No I’m sure that won’t be necessary….” Alan hesitated. “Boys, if wewe know what’s good for you, you’ll hand me the girl and get your pretty little asses out of m sight.” Harry threatened. Mark and Alan gazed at each other in fright before reluctantly handing Carter over to Harry. Harry slammed the door in their faces so they headed home.

Harry held Carter in his arms as he brought her into the sitting room. Her head was bleeding badly and some of the blood had gotten onto Harry’s t-shirt. “Ew! Carter you’re getting blood on me!” Harry growled, throwing Carter onto the couch. The pain was unbearable for Carter.

“See Carter? This is what wewe get for fucking abandoning me wewe whore.” Harry looked at the injured girl in disgust. Carter opened her mouth to speak but only a cough came out. “Why did wewe run away from me bitch?” Harry roared. Carter remained silent, still too sore to speak. “ANSWER ME wewe SLUT!!!” Harry raged, kicking Carter in the gut.

“I-I-I-I d-didn’t r-run a-away H-H-Harry.” Carter alisema shakily and breathlessly. “Then why weren’t wewe there when I came out of the bathroom?!” Harry quizzed impatiently. “They took me.” Carter whispered, her eyes becoming heavy and beginning to shut. “Who?!” Harry inquired, shaking Carter’s limp body vigorously.

“Lucy and your friends. They carried me out of the restaurant and beat me up until Mark and Alan came.” Carter’s voice was so weak; Harry’s moyo almost seemed to jerk.

Harry shook his head and looked at Carter again. “Do wewe still want some food?” he questioned. Carter shook her head and pulled herself off the couch. “No, I’m just going to go to bed.” She replied, tears brimming in her eyes. Harry nodded and she stood up, only to fall back down, her body being too weak to keep her up.

“Woah, fuck Carter! Be careful! Do wewe want me to bring wewe upstairs?” Harry questioned. “N-No. I’m fine.” Carter retorted, trying to regain her balance, only to fall once again. Harry rolled her eyes and grabbed Carter, throwing her over his shoulders.

He put her down when they reached her bed. “Thanks Harry.” Carter whispered. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Just don’t get used to this. I was only helping wewe because I hate Lucy. Things go back to normal starting tomorrow.” Harry informed her. Carter nodded and Harry left the room.

She didn’t even bother changing into her pyjamas; she just wrapped the duvet around her and fell to sleep. Tears continued to fall from her eyes. She didn’t know if it was physical au emotional pain that was causing this.

Just think Carter, only 20 zaidi days and the boys will be back.

* * * * *
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