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If wewe know all of them it's ok (i know most of them too) , I'm just posting this for the ones who don't :)

The producers of the X Factor wanted Niall to go on a diet during the show.

If Zayn wasn't in a band, he'd be an English teacher.

If Liam wasn't in a band, he'd be an aeronautical engineer.

Louis prefers brunette girls (just like his gorgeous girlfriend Eleanor!).

Liam and Louis drive Harry crazy sometimes. Once they gave him such a big wedgie they snapped his underwear! Another time they straightened half his hair while he slept!

Louis likes girls who eat carrots.

Harry's always wanted to visit New Zealand...and he finally got to!

Their best tamasha was when the guys celebrated Niall's birthday on stage with a cake fight.

Louis's first upendo was Hermione Granger! He loved Emma Watson and had her poster on his wall.

Niall usually finishes his tweets with "kisses."

Liam's celeb crush is Miley Cyrus.

Niall's celeb crush is Demi Lovato.

Zayn wants to stop smoking because he knows his mashabiki don't like it.

Niall sings super loud in the shower.


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 5 guys that have changed my life so much!
5 guys that have changed my life so much!
They are Hot, Talented, boys. wewe could be a shabiki of Reece Mastin, but One direction are 5x as hot because there are five of them in the band. I upendo how they treat all of the mashabiki fairly and even blow kisses to them. Here is what my Marafiki alisema about why they like them:

To many reasons for that! But shorten it, there voices, looks and everything else!

Because they are the most amazingest people on earth ever ever ever <3

They are infectious :D

They make me smile like i never did before.

Because they're so talented and down-to-earth :)

Because they are sweet, talented, funny and easy on the eyes ;)

They're just 5 normal boys, who are livin' the dream ;-)

There are so many other reasons about why we upendo them and if wewe have another reasons please kasha pokezi me about it and I'll then mention wewe in a post!
 How can't wewe upendo these guys???
How can't you love these guys???
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