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posted by GabriellaAdams
Anna's POV:
We took the limo to get to this coleiseum.
I snuck in with around back,while the boys took the red carpet swarmed with fans.We were stopped kwa a security guard.
"What are wewe doing wewe must go through the front entrance."he told us.
"Were invited in there um.."I told him.
"We have passes."Amber showed him the passes.
"There out dated,sorry."
We went back up front.The boys were signing autographs.
I texted Zayn:The passes are out dated.Come here.
He texted back:Okay but wewe have to act like a fan.Like freak out au something.
Zayn started smiling and messing around.
"Vas Happening,Florida?Who wants to go back stage?!?"Zayn yelled.
The crowd cheered.Zayn pointed at me.
"How about wewe love?"he smiled charmingly.
I totally faked it.I started jumping up and down and all this other stuff with amber.
He grabbed my hand and got down on one knee and he kissed my hand.Louie did the same to Amber.
Zayn picked me up and carried me inside.
"Your a good actor."he giggled.
"Yea but I wanna be your girlfriend not a fan."I told him.
"it's just the mashabiki are rough."he hugged me.
We all went to this Room with couches and chakula and video games.
"Where's harry?"liam asked.
Harry walked in the room,he was shirtless and his jeans were ripped.
"Got attacked?"Niall smiled.
"Yup and molested."Harry joked as he went in to the bathroom.
"You didn't lie about them being rough."I giggled.
"Well what to do now?"I asked.
"We have an hour,Wanna play Truth au dare?"Niall smirked.
"Sure,my Naughty Niall"Harry smiled as he came out the bathroom in new clothes.
"Um okay.Whos 1st?"Zayn smiled.
"I'll go since brought it up."said Niall.
"Truth au Dare?"I asked.
"Dare."he smiled.
"Okay for every time someone says 'the' wewe have to do a push up."I smiled.
"The!"all the guys yelled.
Niall got down on the floor and did push ups.
"Yea!Work out!Do it!"smiled amber.
"Okay,Harry Truth au dare?"Niall smiled as he got up.
"I dare wewe to strip to your under wear and run out side on the carpet."
He gott up.
Niall got on his knees and did a push up.
"Let's do this!"he yelled as he took of his clothes.
He rann out the door and into the parking lot.
Girls attacked him then he ran back inside.Barely alive.
"Okay done."harry alisema as he put back on his clothes.
"Truth au dare Louie?"Harry smirked.
"I dare wewe to kiss Anna."
"The fuck?"I asked.
I looked at Zayn he nodded.
"Um okay."
I walked up to Louie and smooched him.
"God Louie wewe gotta cut down on the carrots."I giggled.
I went back to Zayn and kissed him.
"Oh wow I taste it."he laughed.
"Okay,Liam.Truth au dare?"Louie asked.
"I dare wewe to go kiss a shabiki on the lips."
They laughed at him.
He went outside he found a fairly pretty blonde and kissed her....She pasted out.
"Oh shit!"he yelled as he went back inside the building.
"That was unsafe."he giggled.
"Okay.Truth au dare,Zayn?"Liam asked.
"I dare wewe to kiss Amber."
"Oh hell no!"she hid behind Louie.
He went over to her.She closed her eyes tight and bit her lips.
He kissed her forehead.
"Nah!"she screamed the cuddled in Louie's arms.
"Okay.Truth au dare Zayn??"she asked him.
"Are wewe a virgin?"she smirked.
"Yeah."he looked away.
"Knew it."she said.
"Okay then Truth au dare my Anna Beth?"he smiled.
"Are wewe a virgin?"he asked.
......Fuck me,I thought
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