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posted by MadisonFontenot
~Part 1~

Ruby POV:

Me and Joe were walking around the park hand in hand.
"My brother is throwing a big party tonight to celebrate there first album. Wanna come?" I alisema sitting down at a picnic table. "Sure..." He was so cute! I just can't believe that he is into a girl like me. He kissed me on the cheek.
"Really? That's it?" I joked. He smiled and kissed my lips. "You should be kissed everyday, 24/7.." He whispered in my ear. I blushed and looked away. "You are so cute when wewe blush!" Held held my hand even tighter. He kissed me again. Damn I upendo him. I heard my stomach growl. "Hungry?" I nodded. "Be right back!" He walked away. I looked around and saw a life size teddy bear. I walked over to it.
"Interested?" Someone said. I looked at the price tag, $500! "No..." I walked out of the store.

Joe POV:

I was standing in the Subway line and saw Ruby looking at a bear. After I ordered, I brought her her chakula and alisema I had to 'go to the bathroom' I snuck into the store and bought the bear. I walked over to her.
"I think wewe dropped this!" I handed her the bear-link

"Joe!" She hugged me, smiling her adorable smile. "Thank you! I upendo it,"
"Ruby, I have to ask wewe something?" She looked at me, "Would wewe like to go out to chajio, chakula cha jioni tomorrow? wewe know, our first date..." I alisema and her face lit up, "Of course!" We walked out of the mall hand in hand. She was caring her big teddy bear. The paparazzi where outside tormenting us with questions. She rested her head on my shoulder and fell asleep on the way home
X-Factor stars One Direction, Cher and Rebecca pulled from bay Festival line up
Date Posted: 04/May/2011 17:10
By: Tessa Hawley
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One Direction

Cher Lloyd

Rebecca Ferguson
X-FACTOR stars One Direction, Cher Lloyd and Rebecca Ferguson will not be performing at this year's Manx Telecom bay Festival.

The confirmation comes after weeks of speculation that the singers had been pulled from the festival line up.

It was announced in December that the juu three acts from last year's series of the X-Factor would be performing as part of the line up for the X-Factor...
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
X Factor vocal producer Savan Kotecha says their muziki is "catchy"...
16:13, Wednesday, 4 May 2011
One Direction are apparently "experimenting" with sounds for their debut album.

According to The X Factor vocal producer Savan Kotecha, the boyband - who came third in last year's series of the talent onyesha - are exploring all genres of muziki for their first LP and have already made some "catchy" tunes.

Kotecha, who has previously worked with the likes of former XF winner Leona Lewis and Britney Spears, is involved in the "early stages" of One Direction's album - which is due for release later this...
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this story is called 'I'll take the bullet'
you'll find out why soon!!!! just have 2 keep reading!! lol! feedback plz!!!


leah cant stand her bosses son and neighbour niall. but when niall sees leah's boyfriend liam cheating on her with niall's ex and leah finds out, it changes everything. but soon liam becomes jealous. he tries 2 et back at niall but leah will do everything in her power to keep liam away. liam decides to take things to inayofuata level: death. what will happen when someone gets shot in the head and almost dies? .......................

part 1:

Hi! My name is Leah and im 17 years...
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When the pizza came we all sat down and watched the movie. Harry and kate sat beside each other, kinga and Louis sat beside each other, i sat alone and niall sat alone. The movie was really funny. Suddenly, my leg vibrated. It was my phone. It was a text message from harry. I read it:

“i am SO getting that £5!”
I replied:
“what makes wewe think that?”
He replied:
“niall has been staring at wewe for 10 minutes. X”
Omg! I replied:
“what? Omg!”

He just looked over at me. kate was asleep so she didn’t see him text me. i gave him a look. He stuck out his tongue at me. aw i upendo harry!...
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posted by harry98
“Oh ya why did I find a girls number in Nialls jacket?” I asked Harry on the way. “Long story.......................” he told me. “ “I think wewe should call her and set Niall on a tarehe with her” I told him. He called her and put on his best Irish accecent. I have to say I was impressed. So when we got nyumbani we told Niall we were taking him to the zoo. He came with us. We saw Chantelle and she came over. She gave Niall a kiss on the cheek. Me and Harry drove off. We had things to do. We went back nyumbani first though. “Everybody we have something to tell ye” I alisema when I went...
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posted by harry98
Nialls POV

“Fine I'll do it” I told Harry. I walked up to her felling nervous and guilty. When I was standing in front of her I alisema “Hi I'm Niall” She smiled and alisema “I'm Chantelle” There was an awkward silence. I broke the silence kwa saying “Ammmmm nice...........socks?” she looked down at her socks and alisema “Ummm thanks...... I try to wear nice socks. Look here's my number. Call me” she walked away and I walked back to Harry and Louis. “Now didn't that feel good” Louis said. “No” I answered honestly. The whole way nyumbani I couldn't stop myself feeling guilty. What...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
A is for: AUDITIONS.
One direction never thought for one sekunde that they were going to be in a group. They all auditioned as soloists. These boys didn’t even know each other until bootcamp! They all came from different parts of England and Ireland. They all got high praises from the judges in their auditions and wewe can watch them here:
Niall’s: link
Harry’s: link
Louis’s: link
Zayn’s: link
Liam’s: link

ALL wewe NEED IS upendo – WEEK 7.
One direction sang all wewe need is upendo kwa the Beatles in week 7. It was an amazing performance as usual! Very lively, upbeat and it puts a big smile on...
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