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posted by johncenaw85oi
WHILE X Factor pal CHER LLOYD seeks attention with new tattoos, ONE DIRECTION do it with T-shirts.

HARRY STYLES stepped out in Liverpool with a declaration of upendo for bandmate LOUIS TOMLINSON emblazoned on his chest.

The grey juu was printed with both their first names, separated kwa a red heart.

When the boys hit LA in January, 19-year-old Louis also got in on the action.

The cheeky chappy boldly wore a white juu with 'Cheryl, call me.... x' on it.

My guess is she didn't.
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Enjoy the picha x
harry <3
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Cher and One Direction working in same LA studio with Simon Cowell

THEY may have Lost out to Matt Cardle, but X Factor runners-up One Direction and Cher Lloyd look all set for world domination.

The acts are in LA, teaming up with juu producers, on a trip organised kwa the Big Man himself, Simon Cowell.

The judge, 51, has got them in the same studios with Red One – the impressario behind Lady Gaga. I’m told: “Simon’s got his hopes pinned on both acts, and reckons they’ll be the real money-spinners – zaidi so, even, than Matt.

“Red One has met them all, and so far things are going brilliantly. Simon has told industry execs that if One Direction don’t have a number one single and album before the close of 2011, then he’ll eat his hat.”And hopefully those high-waisted trousers, too?

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(I do not own this video. No copyright intended) :) December 28th 2010.
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FULL NAME: louis william tomlinson.
DOB: 24 december 1991.
BEST THING ABOUT BEING A BOY: being interested in girls.
BEST THING ABOUT BEING IN ONE DIRECTION: just the laugh we have, and also i've made four new friends.
BEST CURE FOR ONE DIRECTION: the best cure for that is probably penicillin!
FAVE GROOMING PRODUCT: dry shampoo- when i can't be bothered to wash my hair!
PJ's, PANTS au NOTHING IN BED: it depends on the temperateture. if it's nice and hot, i will happily sleep naked, but if it's a bit chilly then pyjama bottoms, but im all for sleeping naked!
BATH au SHOWER: shower.
WHAT MOBILE PHONE DO wewe HAVE: i have a iphone 4 and a blackberry.
WHAT DO wewe CUDDLE UP TO AT NIGHT: my pillow- all my teddies passed away a few years ago!

harry's factfile coming soon!!!