One Direction Just A Dream: A Harry Styles Fanfiction

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Chapter 1-The Fight

Stella's POV

His curls droopping over his green eyes so perfectly. He put his hands on my waist and our faces were only a inch apart. I put my hands around his neck and he smiled. I blushed and I felt my cheeks start to burn up. I heard him laugh softly and he put his hand on my cheek and started to move his thumb back and fourth across my cheek. His touch felt like electricity going through me. I wanted to have him so much. Before I knew it, he was leaning in for a kiss and I closed my eyes to capture the moment then-RING!

I woke up gasping and my hand on my chest feeling my heart racing as I wanted the dream to happen in reality. I turned off my alarm and fell back on my bed. The dream was amazing. Though, it wasn't realistic at all. I don't even know who the man of my dreams is.

Every now and then, I dream of me and a guy, a gorgeous, sexy boy in a relationship. He wasn't from past relationships, like any one of them were as special as him. I've never met or came across a person like him, I would've remembered.

He had pale skin, dark green eyes, the cheekiest smile in the universe, and has a mop of brown curls going across his head. I had no idea what his name was. In my dreams, he didn't speak much about himself nor did he ever say his name. I wondered if he was real, we he fall for me as much as we did in my dreams? Probably not. No one ever would like an ordinary girl with no friends and is extremely awkward.

Today was my first day in Holmes-Chapel High School. I was a senior and I moved from California. I absolutely hated the constant moves my family makes. My parents owned businesses all over the place so we can't stay in one place for a long time. I never stayed in a school for more than a trimester. I accepted moving, but the most painful thing is that I never had a true best friend. I was always the new girl.

I stomped my way to the closet in the corner of my bedroom. I grabbed a navy blue crop top, a white tank, and washed-out grey skinny jeans. I stumbled into my jeans as I waited for my hair straighter to heat up. I straightened my hair everyday so that I won't look like I was shocked by thousands of bolts of electricity.

For the first time in months, I felt good about how I looked. I simply checked every aspect of my body to see any flaws, I did. Whatever. I grabbed my bag and went down the stairs and into the kitchen. No one was there but there but there was a note.

I'll be there before 8! Very busy! :) Love you! -Mom xx

I sighed as I read the note and crumpled it and through it in the trash. It wasn't a surprise that she wasn't there. I walked out of the house and made my way to school.

I walked to the front of the school to see a fight going on right in front of me. There was a small crowd already forming bigger by the second. I heard fists and punching, hard. I slowly made my way there and peeked from behind a person's shoulder. It was only two guys, a blonde one and a guy who looked almost similar to Zac Efron.

They kept on throwing hard punches and no one did a single thing. Should I stop it? Should I just walk away because it could ruin the reputation I don't even have? First one.

"Hey! Knock it off!"I yelled making my way to the two boys. The world seemed to stop at that moment. Everyone froze, even the boys. Then I saw their faces, confused, shocked, and embarrassed. At that moment, my cheeks turned 12 shades of red and I kept my eyes on the boys.

They both looked at me with shock, like no one ever had done that before. Then after the blonde one quietly laughed, suddenly the crowd started to laugh. Everyone was laughing at me. Great first impression.

"What the hell?!"The Zac Efron guy smirked and they both started coming closer to me. I gulpped as I felt the blonde one put his hand on my shoulder. I wanted to pull away but his grip was too strong.

"This is none of your business."The blonde whispered into my ear so close I could feel his warmth. Then both of then put their arms on my shoulder. The crowd definetly got bigger and started to get closer. I heard, "Who's that girl?", "What does she think she's going?!", "Niall and Liam got into a fight."

"Just leave her alone."I heard a boy say from the crowd. Then, Liam and Niall, I supposed , turned around to see a tall, curly haired boy come up to us. His skin was lightly toned and tanned to perfection. His mop of brown curls droopped over his green eyes. Green Eyes.

At that moment, I realized I had just met the man of my dreams. I was speechless. His lightly tanned skin, brown curls, dark green eyes, and the smile that made me have butterflies in my stomach. Just before I could get a hold of myself, everything went blank.
 Chapter 1-The Fight Stella's POV His curls droopping over his green eyes so perfectly. He put his h
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