One Direction One Direction Wants zaidi Guy Fans!

tweedybird025 posted on Jul 17, 2012 at 03:02PM
Niall Horan spilled in a recent interview that One Direction is trying to get more boy fans! He said, "Boy fans? Yeah we wanna see more of them. That's what we aim to do. When we see them in the crowd we're like 'Yeah this is cool', you know. Obviously we're 90% girls, but we wanna try and expand." Of course, the One Direction boys love their female fans! Louis Tomlinson just tweeted yesterday, "Just wanna say a massive thank you to all our TRUE One Direction fans. You guys are amazing!!" So cool!
 Niall Horan spilled in a hivi karibuni interview that One Direction is trying to get zaidi boy fans! He said,

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 1d_is_cool said…
I've got a boy friend who likes 1D. He is only 8 but he has 2 posters! He said to me the other day that they are is role models! That made my day!!! :) don't be ashamed to be a guy directioner!