One Direction Just clearing some rumours here.

ZoeyMalik28 posted on Aug 19, 2012 at 05:19AM
~Rumour has it~ *The Truth*

Nialler is not getting kicked out of 1D. They were formed as a group for a reason

Liam and Dani did not get engaged. As well as Lou and Eleanor.

Heartbreaker,as said,is not in the new album

Harry is not leaving the band to do a solo career.

Zayn didn't cheat on Perrie Edwards

Harry did slim down a bit because of some Directionators/Haters,but he is not dying. He works out

Larry Stylinson isn't a real relationship. Just a bromance.

No,Louis is not gay. He is happily in a relationship with Eleanor Calder

Directioners that say that the boys aren't gay..are real Directioners.

Don't go all bitchy on me and say that they are gay. Niall doesn't have a girlfriend because he's been 'flirting/skyping' with Demi Lovato. Harry...sleeps with older woman/models. Zayn is in a relationship,that he keeps private,with Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. Liam is with Danielle Peazer,a dancer that he met on X-Factor. Louis is with Eleanor Calder. Do not go on about how they are really gay and they use the relationships for a cover. They are not gay. They wouldn't sleep with girls if they were gay. Niall believes in not having sex till marriage. So if you're going to be all bitchy about it,keep it to yourself.

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