The iron club floated along the sea as the lady Alvida spat water and grabbed it.
"No! Straw Hat, curse you! I'll get you. I'll follow wewe and grab your ship as wewe enter the Grand Line, before wewe can be the Pirate King, I'll be the Pirate Queen! Hahahaha, Straw Hat!!"
Swimming in different directions wandering where to go, she managed to make out a box shape in the distance. As she got closer, the box made a roof, stairs, windows, until what Alvida saw was a house, floating on the sea abandoned.

Water trailed the floor as she scavenged items from the house, such as jikoni items. As she searched the cupboards hungrily, she spotted a strange item in the last cupboard. A pineapple shaped fruit, glowing green, with swirls... What she had found was the matunda of the devil.

The kisu slipped of the edges as Alvida tried to peel of the skin, the skin wasn't coming off. On Alvida's last try to get the skin off, the kisu slipped onto the floor.
"What is this? I'll have to eat it with the skin on."
She grabbed the matunda and pushed it down her wide throat. About to puke, her fat slipped down her dress, from her face and belly, and the dress almost fell off.
She grabbed a mirror and stroked her face.
"I'm... I'm... I'm beautiful!" Straw Hat, wewe will bow to me!

To Be Continued.