To tell wewe the truth i made this makala just because i want to express my true feelings about this master piece called one piece jeje. I am from Costa Rica and I enjoy every single chapter of this incredible series. I want to thank Echiiro Oda for this manga and character called Luffy. I learned to trust myself and keep going in my life from Luffy. People must think im crazy i but to tell wewe the truth i become a stronger persons that can achieve her goals thanks to the courage luffy have gave to me. I got my own goals as luffy wants to become the king of pirates. I want to become a great internatiomal business woman. Somestimes i feel insecure about myself and that i am not good at doing something. but i remember how luffy fight so bad to become the king of pirates that i just think if he can well i can too. I will keep fighting until a become a great professional. I want to learn many cultures and languages and visit many countries. I just have to keep my goals in mind and do not lose faith in myself just as luffy do. i need to become wiser and stronger so i can overcome all the problems in the future and finally be able to achieve my goal. Thank wewe echiiro thank wewe one piece and arigato Mugiwara no Luffy.