Zoro - 18 Mizu - 14

Mizu's POV

I sat there watching my brother my brother talking to a boy in a straw hat. I couldn't hear them from the distance

I'm at but, I know Nii-san was asking to be untied. He's been tied up for 9 days with no food. I'm worried he's going to die from hunger but, then again we have gone a bit longer with no chakula so I'm sure he's fine. I hope. I watched a little girl climb up a latter inayofuata to straw hat and pinky. She hopped over the ukuta and held out some mchele ball. She was wherein a huge small that it made me smile. She's so cute!

Seeing Helmeppo in the distance in jumped down and walked over to Zoro and stood behind him to listen in.

Entering the clearing he announced, "Don't pick on little kids Roronoa Zoro au else I'll have to ripoti to my father about in." Damn the man gets on mine nerves.

Just cause his "daddy's" in charge he thinks he's all that.

"Tch...If it isn't the captain's bastard son." Zoro grumbled. Preachin to the choir Nii-san.

Bastard? Don't get cocky my dad is Marine Lieutenant!" Helmeppo's annoying voice shouted. He walked over to the girl while saying, "Well hello, little girl these mchele balls look pretty tasty."

"Ah! Stop it!" The girl screamed. I griped my sword hearing this but, managed to restrain myself for Nii-san. I don't want him au me in zaidi trouble.

"BLEGH! Horrible! wewe put too much sugar in it! You're supposed to put salt in these things!" Helmeppo shouted while spiting the mchele ball out.

"But...but I thought they'll taste better if they're sweet!" She cried. That panya bastard suddenly threw the mchele balls on the ground and stomped on them angrily shouting, "How could someone eat something like this? Damn it!"

The girl dropped to her knee's crying, "AAH! Stop it! Stop! He can't eat this anymore!" Helmeppo stop and started laughing while saying "Don't worry! The ants will eat them all up!" This caused him to laugh some more.

My grip on my sword had increased even zaidi though the exchange that it took everything in me to not kill that panya bastard. Who does stuff like this? I mean seriously that's just low.

She was crying now. "That's so cruel! I...I tried really hard to make them!" She croaked out through tears. Poor girl.

Helmeppo just sighed and rubbed his face with his hand. "Aww...don't cry! It's no wonder why I hate little brats so much." He pointed at a marine sign saying,
"It's all your fault wewe know? Didn't wewe see what was written here? "Anyone who helps a prisoner will be charged with the same crime. Marine Captain Morgan." wewe know how scary my dad can be, right? wewe would've gotten the death penalty if you're a grownup!" kwa the end almost all my restraint was gone. I still didn't songesha though. The girl was crying even zaidi now.

Helmeppo glanced at a soldier on his right, "Oi, throw this brat out!" He ordered. The soldier seemed confused so Helmeppo grabbed the soldier's shati and shouted, "I'm telling wewe to throw her outta here! Are wewe trying to disobey me?! I'm telling my dad!"

The solder stammered out an, "Ay...Aye Sir!" He then went over grabbed the girl an threw her over the wall. My only wish was she wasn't hurt.

Helmeppo then turned to Zoro saying, "I didn't think you'd have this kind of endurance! I'm gonna keep wewe alive for one whole month."
wewe better keep your promise!" Zoro grumbled. Took the words right out of my mouth Nii-san.

Helmeppo started to chuckle making my eye's narrow. Why would he laugh at that? "Hehehe! Oh I'll keep my promise if wewe can live like this for one whole month; I'll keep my word and release you!" He announced turning around to walk away, but before he even took a steep he glanced over at me saying, "Don't think I didn't know wewe were here Mizu!" Well shit! One of the soldier grabbed putting cuffs on my wrists and shoving me towards Helmeppo.

"You're coming with me," That panya faced bastard smirked before walking away, his soldiers dragging me with them. Only thing that went through my mind was, SHIT!