It has been almost a mwaka since One mti kilima ended (in the US). Thank wewe Mark Schwann for giving us 9 years, 9 seasons, 187 episodes of excellent uigizaji & amazing storylines.
I can't even put into words how much I miss this show.I wish it could have went on forever.
People say all good things come to an end One mti kilima was the best thing so it will never end for me at least in my moyo :)
I own all the seasons and I watch them all the time especially when I need my Nathan Scott fix.
Thank wewe James Lafferty for stealing my moyo & thank wewe Naley for inaonyesha everyone what always & forever truly meant ♥
One mti kilima is the best onyesha of all time & always will be :) I re- watch episodes I've probably seen at least 50 times they never get old but I always get kinda sad at the same time. I fall in upendo with new shows all the time but NOTHING is ever gonna have my moyo like One mti kilima does♥