In Season 2, an argument between Lucas and Peyton made Lucas realize that he had not been there for Peyton, and felt she needed someone else. As a result, he was the one who called Jake, knowing that Jake
would have a positive effect on her. This does, and sparks a turnaround for Peyton, and she and Jake fall in love. kwa the end of the season, the two had mended the friendship and realized that after everything they could truly count on each other, despite their history.

Season 3
Lucas takes Peyton to see Ellie
During this season Lucas and Peyton have spent almost the entire summer together hanging out. They have shared secrets, inside jokes, even helping the other out when their upendo life was tricky. She helped Lucas get Brooke back and he helped Peyton with Ellie, her birthmother. Along the way bumps sprang up between them from other people. Brooke found old momentos that Lucas held on to from Peyton and Ellie passed away from Breast Cancer. The biggest moment between the two happened during a school shooting that breaks out later in the season ("With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept" - 3.16), where Peyton is left fighting for her life after being the one shot. Lucas goes in tafuta of her and finds her hiding out in the Library. He stays their with her while they wait it out. But as time ticks on, so does the moments of Peyton's life coming closer to an end. Knowing that she could die she spoke to Lucas, "If I say 'I upendo you,' right now, will wewe hold it against me? 'Cause I've Lost a lot of blood...come here," which led to them kissing. Luke did the only thing he could: picked her up, carried her out of the school, and saved her life, again.
After that, everything changed. Keith was murdered, everyone was blaming Jimmy Edwards (who died), and their worlds were turned upside down. In the mist of all this Pete from Fallout Boy was hanging out and was making Peyton happy. It was Larry Sawyer who made Peyton realize what she wanted kwa telling her this wise piece of advice, "Just promise me one thing, promise me that when wewe pick the boy you're really going to be with, that he'll be someone who respects wewe and treats wewe well. And, it's someone who makes your moyo race and that he's someone wewe upendo because of what he is, not what he does. Because, that's how I felt about your mother, and that’s how I want wewe to feel one day. Use your head and follow your heart." ("I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me" - 3.19). Peyton went to go see Jake and she thought it was what her moyo wanted till one night Jake heard her talking in her sleep, she uttered "I upendo you... Lucas", which caused Jake to realize that maybe she needed to go back home. She did, upset and confused. But on the night of Haley and Nathan's rehersal dinner, Peyton realizes that she still has feelings for Lucas after all this time. This led to later that night Peyton confessing to Brooke about this, putting a rift in the friendship once again. Brooke not only cuts Peyton out of her life, but she breaks up with Lucas too.