inespinto alisema it in her orodha of things she liked about this spot. One mti kilima mashabiki are the most enthusiastic people on this site.

I have to agree with that. Out of the picks I post on the whole site; only those relating to OTH are answered and ametoa maoni and really quickly.

Everyone here is loyal too. The Brucas vs. Leyton fight is one of the most decisive and opinionated fights I've ever seen. I've never met anyone who can remain neutral au equally like each couple. wewe have you're reasons why wewe like the couples and wewe stick kwa them; Brucas mashabiki are still supporting Brucas even though they haven't been a couple for nearly two seasons.

Outside of this site, in the "real world", you're excited about this onyesha as well. wewe either upendo it au wewe don't. I know this is true from where I live.
Australia doesn't onyesha One mti Hill, they cut it after the first season. I've still met mashabiki from Australia though. We all upendo the onyesha to bits and still keep updated. I've spent close to $200 dollars on DVDs, buying the fourth season over the internet before the Australian release.

The point of this makala is to onyesha that One mti kilima mashabiki are the most dedicated I know.

"Always & Forever"