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Ok, I was watching my OTH Season 4 DVDs the other siku and was paying special attention to the life lessons that they residents of mti kilima were teaching, so here are the juu 5 things I have learned from watching One mti Hill.(I will include examples from OTH)

5.Trust Is Earned!- With all the drama going on in mti Hill, it's not hard to see that trust has to be earned. When wewe trust somebody wewe have to let them in all the way, and when they earn that trust, it should'nt be hard. Peyton finds it hard to trust the ones that she cares about, because everyone she has ever cared about leaves. At the end of the siku when that trust is earned, the mti kilima residents onyesha that trust is a very important and special thing.

4.Dreams Can Come True!- wewe and only wewe can make your dreams come true. If wewe try hard enough, your dreams can come true, and when they do, hold on to them, trust me. Lucas and Nathan are perfect examples of brothers having dreams that sometimes seem impossible, but somehow always seem to work out. Lucas has successfully finshed his 2nd novel and is currently the mti kilima High mpira wa kikapu coach. Nathan had an accident that landed him in a wheelchair. He feared that he could never play mpira wa kikapu again. But with the help and support of his family, he is out of his wheelchair and on his way to playing basketball. Again.

3.Family Is Everything!- Ask yourself one question, What would wewe do without the upendo and support of your family? On sekunde thought, do'nt answer because I already know the answer. Nothing. Family is the most important thing that wewe will ever have in your entire life. It's as simple as that. The Scott family has been through just about everyting together, but somehow they seem to make it through and at the end of the siku they will always be there for one another.

2.True upendo Is Never Far!- In fact it's been right there the whole time. True upendo is very special, and it only comes around once in a lifetime. Nathan and Haley have shown us was true upendo is all about. They have survived thick and thin and still onyesha the kind of upendo that is precious and should not be taken for granted. Lucas and Peyton. How do I begin to describe Lucas and Peyton? One Word. Soulmates. It did'nt take long to realize Lucas and Peyton were meant for each other. Soulmates- Naley and Leyton!!

1.Friends Are Forever!- What is a friend? Its a single soul dwelling in two bodies.- Aristotle
Brooke and Peyton. Lucas and Haley. Nathan and Lucas. Rachel and Mouth. These are just a few of the best Marafiki on OTH. Their not just friends, their family. They know each other, they upendo each other, and they've even lived together. Peyton and Brooke have been through 2 dead moms,2 parents who just dont care, 1 boy, and 1 physco who just won't seem to go away. Its salama to say that Brooke and Peyton will be Best Marafiki Forever. Lucas, Brooke, Peyton, Nathan, and Haley have been through zaidi together than most people know in a lifetime. But no matter what happens, they will be Marafiki Forever.
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James Lafferty in season 3's gag reel <3
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This is for people who may not have seen the preview for 6x17. (yet, how hasn't seen it?)

Leyton- Lucas has a special suprise for Peyton, but just as Lucas is going to onyesha Peyton his suprise, Peyton has a sudden pain and collapses into Lucas's arms. In another preview, we find out that there might be something wrong with the baby.

Naley- It is Naley's wedding anniversary. Haley says an idea about leaving mti Hill.

Brulian- Brooke and Julian seem to have gotten in some kind of a fight.

Mouth and Millie- Mouth saw Millie standing in his living room. Does this mean Mouth and Millie will give their relationship another try?

Those are basically the storyline's for 6x17 which airs on t.v March 16th. I can't wait to see it! :)
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