We've heard rumors about how Chad Michael Murray does not want to continue uigizaji out Lucas Scott on One mti Hill. Because Chad might decide not to continue filming his role of Lucas, should they make a movie about what happens inayofuata in mti kilima and be over after the movie, au should they continue the onyesha without Chad if he decides to not continue his role of Lucas and still make a 7th season?

Well, for me personally, I'm kind of undecided. If Chad decides to leave the show, I think the onyesha would be boring without him. Lucas does all of the "narrations" at the begining and end of each episode, and he is a main character of the show, the onyesha wouldn't be the same without him. And plus, Peyton would be heartbroken if Lucas would be killed off the onyesha (you gotta upendo Leyton! :D) But on the other hand, If One mti kilima ended, I would cry my eyes out, even if they made it into a movie, I would cry my eyes out. One mti kilima is (to me) the best t.v onyesha ever. To see it end would make me to stop watching t.v. (Well,....not forever!)