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posted by bdavisrocks
So jenniferm made an makala called juu 3 Moments (link) which I thought was awesome, so I wanted to do my version. But instead of Best Lucas and Peyton Fighting Scene, I'm gonna do Best Brooke and Lucas fighting scene, because I'm a Brucas <3 fan. And I'm gonna add some categories myself.

***Best Repeated One Liner***

1) "Open your eyes."
This line mainly has to do with the school shooting, and it's probably my inayopendelewa line EVER. It's just sooo powerful, especially in 3x16 when Jimmy says it and in 4x10 when Keith says it.

2) "Brooke Davis/Lucas Scott is gonna change the world someday..."
So, here kicks in the Brucasness. I upendo this quote, because it shows the amazing friendship that Brooke and Lucas have.

3) "Don't say I never gave wewe anything..."
Naley <3<3<3 The original one is my favorite, but I loved 3x07 and 7x21 too. In my opinion, this is when they started crushing on each other, and that led to the amazing couple they are now!

***Best Performance***

1) Boytoy Auction
Shirtless Nathan. Period.

2) Nathan/Skills/Mouth Strip Scene
Again...Shirtless Nathan

3) Nathan/Chase Karoake
Ok, so no shirtless Nathan, but he was AWESOME.

***Favorite storylines***

1) School shooting storyline
As sad as this was, I think it was the best storyline One mti kilima has ever had. It was crazy powerful.

2) Brooke and Angie (S5)
It gave us a lot of Brucas scenes in S5. <3<3<3

3) Naley pregnancy (S4)
We got a lot of cute Naley scenes in Season 4.

***Best Scary Moments***

1) School shooting
When the first shot goes gave me chills.

2) The limo car crash
When Nathan was screaming for Haley in the water...omg.

3) Brooke's near drowning
The underwater Brulian kisses, when Julian screams no....omg the whole thing gave me goosebumps. I was in complete shock.

***Best Cat Fight***

1) Midnight Madness
Girls and guys both fighting + Mouth commentating it all + Peyton dragging the mascot into the mess = Best cat fight ever!

2) Brooke and Peyton
I loved the fight in general, but the muziki was awesome in this scene too.

3) Rachel and Haley
Never mess with a pregnant Haley.

***Best First Kiss***

1) Nathan and Haley
I loved the surprise element. And the muziki <3<3

2) Brooke and Julian
They were both like "We can't, we can't." And then they did.

3) Brooke and Chase
It was just too cute. And they had just had like, the perfect date.

***Best Makeout Session***

1) Nathan and Haley in the rain
Kissing, on a car, in the rain. Do I have to say more??

2) Peyton and Jake
Right before Keith's wedding. It was HOT.

3) Brooke and Julian
7x01 on the beach, with Quicksand in the background. AWESOME.

***Best Brooke and Lucas Fighting Scene***

1) "Why won't wewe ever just let me ALL the way in?"
Sophia was AMAZING. This scene was AMAZING.

2) The rain fight
He proves himself to her in this scene. And a rain kiss!!

3) "I wanted wewe to fight for me!"
<3<3<3 "I wanted the Lucas Scott from the beach, pwani telling me he's the one for me." And then she goes and punches Rachel.

***Best Nathan and Haley Fighting Scene***

1) "One zaidi night like this Nathan, and wewe will have nothing!"
Joy was AMAZING in this scene. When she throws the bia bottles at him, and he flinches, gah, just amazing.

2) The porn fight
It led to a rain kiss and a marriage. <3<3

3) "Did wewe kiss her?"
The Nanny Carrie fight. When Jamie almost drowns, and Haley says she wants a divorce, I was SHOCKED.

***Best Brooke and Julian Fighting Scene***

1) "It is a BIG deal!"
Leading to everything that happened later. AMAZING.

2) "You told her the truth and wewe lied to me!"
Sophia, again, was AMAZING. It wasn't really a big fight, but it was POWERFUL.

3) "Get off my set."
After she punches Alex, and this led to the Brulian reconciliation. <3

***Best I upendo You's***

1) Brooke and Lucas
My inayopendelewa BL scene ever <3 (82 letters)

2) Jake and Peyton
It was totally cute. And how they both touch the glass, gah, adorable.

3) Nathan and Haley
It was cute <3<3 Nuff said.
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