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One Tree Hill
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 "I was hooked right away and instantly loved Brooke & Brucas."
"I was hooked right away and instantly loved Brooke & Brucas."
First up wewe really deserve this & I had a lot of fun coming up with maswali & kusoma your answers!

1. Introduce yourself, tell us a little about you? Hi everyone, I'm holly =] Ummmm what to say about myself? Well, I'm 21, I live in Maryland & I upendo cats. Seriously, onyesha me a cute kitten au cat & I will start trying to convince people to let me take it home.

2. How did wewe get into OTH? Did wewe like it right from the start au did it not appeal to wewe at first? I was flipping through the channels one night when I stopped because I saw CMM on my screen. [I later found out the...
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Sara Ellis, whom we met late in the first half of White Collar’s [USA, Tuesdays, 10/9C] current season, is a no-nonsense insurance investigator who does whatever it takes to close a case. If that means going to extra-legal lengths, then that’s fine.

Recently I had the opportunity to take part in a teleconference call with Hilarie Burton, the actor who plays Ellis. Burton, it turns out is both voluble and witty – when she’s finished answering a question, it stays answered! It’s easy to see that she’s having a good time in her recurring role on White collar, alama and that sense of fun is...
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Actress, singer and songwriter, Bethany Joy Galeotti now can add restaurateur to her résumé. The CW televisheni Network star, who resides in Battle Ground when she’s not in North Carolina filming the role of Haley James Scott on “One mti Hill,” has teamed with her husband, Enation band member Michael Galeotti, and in-laws to open Galeotti’s.
The restaurant occupies the space in downtown Battle Ground that formerly housed Irby’s Fine Dining and will celebrate its grand opening July 24 and 25.
They’d been looking for a way to get zaidi involved with the community, and the restaurant...
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Sunlight filtered through the room illicitly, weaving its way around the blinds. Funnily enough, it would be there for only the shortest period of time, before rain would take its place. It was as if the sun only came in the mornings to wake the people of mti kilima up, before it would return to its place in the heavens until the inayofuata day.

Lucas attempted to shield his face with his hand, and when that did not work, he groaned loudly, turning away from the window sided-wall.

The sekunde they had moved in together, Brooke had claimed the right side of the kitanda - the side that never seemed to face...
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I became inspired to look up the lyrics of the 4 “Brucas songs” listed as options for, “Continuing the dream wedding picks: what would they choose as their first dance?” At first, I glanced over them only long enough to confidently make an educated decision on behalf of Brooke and Lucas.

But, I have to say, after kusoma “Far Away” kwa Nickelback, there is no swali in my mind that it is Brucas's upendo song, well at least one of them, au “the” one out of the options. I personally feel it’s the only song with an appropriate message behind it. The other choices “Boston”...
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 Marriage is Forever - au just until wewe say something I don't like.
Marriage is Forever - Or just until you say something I don't like.
Okay I'll admit as far as the title goes "wrong" wasn't the first word that came to mind. But I decided to avoid swearing in my first, maybe only soapbox so that's how I will be describing Lucas - as wrong.

I am a Leyton fan, occasionally a Jeyton fan, depending on my anger for Lucas from episode to episode. But this soapbox isn't about how great Leyton were/are. It is about the one scene/event in One mti kilima - when Lucas walked out on Peyton after she alisema "someday" to his proposal.

For a start wewe need to really think deeply about what Lucas was asking of Peyton, and himself, kwa asking her...
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