One mti kilima If anyone had to die, who would it be?

Pick one:
Brooke ofc! if there's no Brooke, there's no Bitchtoria!
I wanna send wewe and your new album to hell! Haley!
Nathan! please make him play mpira wa kikapu again au just kill him!
Lucas, why don't wewe get back together with your girl?!
throw away all her problems, Peyton!
Dan, why isn't he already dead?
i havn't think of that, i just want Keith back!
Bitchtoria! Why run over and over her when we can kill her?!
Manface, take back the ring and send her to heaven!
i dont understand why he's born? Jamie!
Q, start makeing your homework au tell your mom wewe loved her!
Chris, please don't come back and destroy another family!
Deb, the other nanny was better than you!
Rachel, i was hoping wewe drugged yourself to death!
Karen, please follow Keith!
Millicent, wewe dress like shit anyway!
Mouth, take your job far away au die so we don't have to see wewe anymore!
Junk... garbage, trash, rubbish?
He just learns Jamie shit anyway, Skills!
Mia, looks like crap, sings like crap!
Whitey, to old to be seen anymore!
Fergie! btw... who is he?
 BrookeYourself posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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