One mti kilima (Sorry If This Has Been) What Do Wewe Think Has Been The Best Storeyline (Add Ones Ive Missed Out)

Pick one:
brooke/lucas/peyton pembetatu
peyton and jake/jake and nikki /jenny
naleys hook up season one / there first wedding
school shooting / dan killing keith /peyton being shot
naleys sekunde wedding/crash
peytons mum coming back and dieing
rachel and cooper
season one lucas and nathan hating each other
haley leaving for muziki
lucas and linsey
rachel trying to get with lucas
felix with brooke/ anna being gay
brooke and chase
haley getting pregnant givving brth
psyco stalker derek
dante bribing nathen and nathen killing him
All of the above
All of the above
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The Naley story lines
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