One mti kilima My choices for the OTH 30 siku Challenge. Which one do wewe agree with most?

Pick one:
inayopendelewa male character / Dan scott
inayopendelewa female character / Brooke Davis
inayopendelewa couple / Lucas and Peyton
inayopendelewa friendship / Lucas and Haley
inayopendelewa actor / Chad Michael Murray
inayopendelewa actress / Sophia kichaka
inayopendelewa cast friendship / Bethany and Chad
inayopendelewa secondary character / Rachel Gatina
inayopendelewa season / Season 5
inayopendelewa episode / 4x09 "Some wewe Give Away"
inayopendelewa quote / "It's always gonna be there ins't it? wewe and me"
inayopendelewa CODA / 4x13 "Baba O'riley"
inayopendelewa song played on One mti kilima / songesha Along kwa All American Rejects
Least inayopendelewa male character / Felix
Least inayopendelewa female character / Alex Dupre
Least inayopendelewa couple / Peyton and Jake
Least inayopendelewa friendship / Brooke and Haley
Least inayopendelewa actor / Stephen Colletti
Least inayopendelewa actress / Shantel VanSanten
Least inayopendelewa AU couple / Brooke and Nathan
Least inayopendelewa secondary character / James Lucas Scott
Least inayopendelewa season / Season 2
Least inayopendelewa episode / 2x16 "Somewhere a Clock is Ticking"
Least inayopendelewa quote / "Remember i gave Lucas to wewe and i can take him back whe
Best uigizaji performance from Sophia kichaka / 3x22 "I'm holding on for dear life but
Best uigizaji performance from Hilarie burton / 5x06 "By not waiting, wewe gave up o
Best uigizaji performance from Bethany Joy Galeotti / 5x10 "I want the divorce"
Best uigizaji performance from Chad Michael Murray / 6x17 "I can't live without yo
Best uigizaji performance from James Lafferty / 5x02 "I used to be Nathan Scott an
All-time inayopendelewa One mti kilima scene / 1x12 Lucas and Peyton's almost-sex scene
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