Takashi Morinozuka...the handsome,strong,silent type.I looked on at him,thru the crack in the muziki room door.He was fantastic he seemed so nice..but I could not get close to him!Honey was near him all the time so I feel,I carn't get close to him.
Swoosh!The door bust wide open."Bye wewe guy's"Honey declared!I expected Mori to stride out like a soldier so I could admire him!
"Takashi will stay here"Honey cheerfully said.Mori slowly nodded as honey walked down the hallway.
Wow...here was my chance I cried out!I started to walk in slowly;I could see Mori in my eye veiw, I was so close to him."WELCOME TO THE HOST CLUB!"a tall blonde teenager burst out!He shocked the life out me!"How are wewe princess"He bowed to me....then he gave me a lovely rose?
"Now which kind of guy's are wewe into the si...."
"Silent type!"I cried out.I looked over at Mori he was the one!"Well so wewe want to see Mori..this way princess"
He lead me to where Mori sat and pulled me up a golden chair."Enjoy" the older teen smiled and with that he walked away.
I looked onward's at Mori he sat kwa the now rain drenched window.His stunning eye's drew me in closer."Hi..."I stutted out to Mori."My name is Ambrosia and well...I thought we could have a nice..ummm cup of tea"I managed to blurt out.
Mori looked up at me with a faint smile,...wow he smiled at me!I felt as if I was in heavan....BANG!
I looked around.What on earth was that!I stared at the window where Mori had sat!Where was he!I slowly looked down to the floor..and there was a unconscious mori.....