wewe sighed as wewe looked out the window of the club; bored. Sometimes wewe wondered why wewe even came to the host club, Tamaki called all of his clientele ``Princess``, wewe weren`t a shabiki of incest, and the others just didn`t amuse you.
Taking one last look at the perfect view of the rose garden, wewe turned away from the window and paid attention to Tamaki, who`d been calling for wewe for the past 5 minutes. Gathering into the large group of fangirls who were anxiously waiting for his announcement, wewe sighed as wewe looked to Tamaki. He was the only reason wewe went there.
``Okay, the reason I called all of wewe princesses here was because I have an announcement. Tonight, at seven, the host club will be having a ball for all of the host club guests! We hope all of wewe will attend!`` he alisema in his usual handsome voice, the sound of it so hypnotic to wewe it drown out all of the other voices of fangirls excitedly chattering away.
Secretly just as excited as everyone else in the room, wewe calmly walked out of the Host club doors, ignoring Kyoya who was trying to sell wewe something. Walking down the grand hallway, wewe sat at the one with the best window view. The sight of it was breathtaking. Sitting down and hugging your knees to your chest, wewe looked out the window getting Lost in thought.
He blushed when he saw me… Does that mean he likes me? No, it can`t be. There are plenty of girls out there he could have been blushing at…I wonder if he`ll ask me to dance…
Your thoughts continued to compete with each other as wewe scanned the scenery outside, barely noticing the kengele that told wewe school was over. Your mind continued to busy itself as wewe rested your forehead on the cool, clear glass. All was peaceful until wewe felt a light tap on your shoulder. Turning around, wewe realized it was Tamaki, who was offering a hand to you. Taking the offer, Tamaki pulled wewe from the floor and smiled.
``like the scenery, huh? The Rose garden is pretty big, but it looks nicer up close. Here, let me onyesha you.`` Accepting his invitation, wewe and he walked hand in hand to the rose garden, continuing to walk, chat and smile(and occasionally blushing!) until wewe came up to the rose maze.
Deciding to take wewe to his inayopendelewa place to go, Tamaki gripped your hand slightly tighter and started to run, dragging wewe along until wewe came to the loveliest gazebo. Sitting down inayofuata to Tamaki, wewe looked at the surroundings. He was right, the Garden and maze WERE better up close!
Taking your hand in his, Tamaki faced you, his face tinted light pink.
``_-______, I have to tell wewe something.`` He looked into your e/c orbs before inching his face closer to yours, until your lips were just inches from his. `` I upendo you.`` He said, barely a whisper, before he brought his lips to yours.
Eyes widening, wewe blushed the darkest red. He liked wewe back!!! Smiling in the kiss, wewe placed a hand in his soft hair as he wrapped his arms around your delicate waist, bringing wewe closer to him.
Pulling away to catch your breath, wewe looked to Tamaki and smiled. ``I upendo wewe too.``