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This is a really long, random, fic that I wrote yesterday. And it's got some Owsay in it
It contains my OOC Smart!Lindsay, as always.


It was a late Friday night. Lindsay was sitting in a round chair in the corner of her and her sister's livingroom, painting her toenails.
"Hey, Lindsayy!" Lindsay's older sister, Paula, barged through the front door. She stared at her sister contently with a large smile on her face. Lindsay knew that look anywhere.
Paula wanted to borrow something.

"What do wewe want of mine, Paula?" Lindsay sighed. She used to have fights with Paula about her always borrowing...
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This is for The Total Drama Blondes that I like!
Total Drama Island
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Lindsay's Point Of View

It was the night of my nineteenth birthday. I had thrown a party at an old bowling alley,and I'd invited a lot of my friends. Although I should've been having a wonderful time, with all of my
dear friends, and some of my old cast mates from Total Drama Island, But I just couldn't.

My boyfriend, Tyler, had just broken up with me, for forgetting his name one too many times.
I'd promised him that I'd never do it again, but he was too upset with me to forgive me. After this, he started going out with Courtney, a girl who I wasn't exactly fond of, so that made it even harder...
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It's suckish and short 8D But damn, it took me a while considering my crappy movie maker.
upendo circulation
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"O-Omar?" Lindsay stuttered, then cursed herself for getting his name wrong. "Ca-can I talk to you...?"
"Sure, Linds!" Owen alisema with a smile so sweet the blonde couldn't help but blush.
When the got out to the courtyard, Lindsay sighed in relief; nobody was there. She stepped backwards so she was looking Owen in the eye.
"Um...I-I've been thinking about this a lot..a-and I..." She could feel her face getting redder with each word as her crush stared at her, confused.
"Lindsay?" He asked. "What's wrong?"
"I-I just wanted to say something to you..and I've wanted to tell wewe this for a while.."
"What is it?"
"I....I..I l-love you..."
"...Really? Seriously?"
"Yeah..I upendo you, Owen.."
The overweight teen smiled at Lindsay, and pulled her into his arms in a hug. "I upendo wewe too.."
"Really? Really really?" She blushed deeper.
"A hundered times really."
Lindsay smiled, and engulfed himself in the warmth that was her new boyfriend.
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I just want wewe to notice me,
I want wewe to see
I want wewe to realize
The girl for wewe is me
wewe don't get it, your'e so dense,
I give wewe happiness, but still wewe turn away
Why won't wewe notice me?

I do notice you, for some reason I hide,
The feelings of warmth and upendo
That I feel inside
I feel the same for wewe
I want to be the one
Who will upendo and nourish you-forever and ever!
So come out of that shell, please
Because I want to see you, only you.
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It was midnight. Most, if not all, went home, but some stayed at the place for a few extra hours. Dance pads layes wrinkled over game controllers that were strewn about. The TV was off, and everyone was asleep, except for one. Two, actually.

Lindsay creeped down the stairs, hoping not to be noticed, aiming for the only drink besides wine.
She hadn't wanted to go to the frenzy that was a Friday night shindig, she had been dragged there kwa Beth and Sierra. On juu of that, she had no fun; she sucked at guitar, gitaa Hero, bombed at DDR, and was called a "wussette" for being the only person at the party...
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