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posted by pinkmare
 leedle leedle lee.
leedle leedle lee.
police 1#:afternoon son

patrick:hello brothers*shows cone on his head*

policefish 1#:son we're looking for the manic.

policefish 2#:have wewe seen this man?*shows a wanted drawing of spongebob*

patrick:ahhh!! it's the maniac!!
take him away! take him away!

policefish 1#:calm down son it's just a drawing,not the real thing now we're gonna onyesha wewe this picture again and wewe tell us if wewe seen this guy understand?

patrick:yeah uh huh.

policefish 1#:okay.

*policefish 2# shows drawing*

patrick:AHHHH!! HORRIBLE!!!

*policefish 2# shows drawing once more*

patrick:AHHH!!!! AHHHH!!

policefish 2#(with policefish...
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posted by cocoland38
okay well in the spongebobsquarepants movie patrick has a crush on mindy and i found out that mindy does as well but secretlly though how cute i always thought that and know i see i'm correct wow that was a surprize and i think mindy and patrick match what do wewe guys think post maoni plese!!!!!!!! but whats odd is that mindy is smart and patrick is dumb in a good way!!!!!! don't wewe guys reckon well if wewe do COMMENT!!!!! i wish they had kissed that would have been great!! PS i upendo the spongebobsquarepants movie
Patrick Star
Voice Actor: Bill Fagerbakke
Patrick nyota is an overweight pink sea nyota who lives under a rock and is SpongeBob's best friend. Patrick is not very smart, however he still offers SpongeBob advice and encourages dangerous and/or foolish activities which often get the two into trouble.[2] Patrick's parents, Herb and Margie, are rarely seen in the series, and there is a running gag in the onyesha when Patrick mistakes SpongeBob's parents for his own. He and SpongeBob's pet snail, Gary, are distant relatives.

This is a orodha of characters from the Nickelodeon animated series SpongeBob SquarePants....
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