One siku in adventure bay, the PAW patrol pups were playing hide n' seek.
"If I was hiding, where would i hide," asked Zuma, who was it. He looks behind every mti he could find. He then sees a leaf fall on his nose.
"Ow!" someone alisema behind the tree. Zuma quickly runs behind the mti to find Marshal rubbing his head. "Found wewe Marshal." "Awww man." "Where are the others?" Zuma asked. "Most of them are at the lookout." "Most of them?" "Everyone but Skye." "Then where is she?" "I forgot." "Well I think we should-." Suddenly, a branch breaks and Skye falls on Marshal. "Marshal!" Skye gets up and notices she was on Marshal, so she gets off of him. "Anyway, lets go back to the lookout." Then the three went back to the lookout.
Meanwhile, at the lookout. Chase and Rubble were hiding in thier doghouses. Rider was playing videogames on his phone when he got a call.
"Hello, Rider here." He says "Rider!" Mayor Goodway says, "A couple cars have went out of control and fell off a cliff! They are still alive but stranded!" "Don't worry Mayor Goodway, no job is to big, and no pup is too small." He then opens up his phone and presses the button. "Paw patrol, To the lookout!" "Rider's calling!"
They all then go to the lookout but Rocky. "Where's rocky?" asked Skye. Marshal alisema with excitment, "Maybe i'm not last this ti-" Then all of a sudden, Rocky falls on Marshal.
Then they travel up the elevator and hop out of it at the top. Then Chase says "Ready for action Rider sir." "Good job pups," Rider says, "This time we have a big emergancy. People fell down a cliff and we need to rescue them."