Many years ago, the cat army took out humans but not dogs. As the only pups that can save the planet, paw patrol was made into a halo team to stop the Cats from taking over.

It was 0300 and the team had moved into Mississippi to regain control of the state. Chase and Zuma had been pinned down kwa a cat army and was taking fire. As the attack went on, martial and sky moved in to help rescue Zuma and Chase. Hiding from the cats, Sky and martial had neared the area where Chase and Zuma were. "Now what Martial?" alisema sky keeping an eye out for cats. Thinking of what to do, he alisema "We songesha in carefully towards Chase and Zuma so we can take out the cats." But in Sky's mind she thought that the plan would get them killed, but be as it may Martial was in charge and sekunde in command. As they moved in closer, they can hear gun moto and see bullets fly. "Get down!" alisema Martial as he saw a bullet near. He radioed to Chase. "Chase come in." He alisema into his headpiece. "Chase here." alisema Chase. "Is everything OK?" alisema Martial worried. "I'm fine, but Zuma was hit kwa a sniper and is hurt bad." alisema Chase holding Zuma's wound. "Its nothing bad, but I feel faint." alisema Zuma. "Where is Rocky and Rubble?" Asked Sky. "We got separated when we got ambushed kwa the cats." alisema Chase keeping Zuma from fainting. Martial wanted to find the others, but needed to help Zuma with his wound. Martial started firing shots and taking out Cats one kwa one. Some of the Cats started firing back, but were missing. Sky had snuck past and got to Chase and Zuma to help get Zuma out of there and to a medical center. " it looks bad." alisema Sky lifting Zuma up. "Chase, get them out of there." alisema Martial keeping his ground. They made it out, but Zuma was getting worse kwa the minute. What will they do? End of part 1