Sky: hujambo Martial.
Martial: Hi Sky, what's up?
Sky: Have wewe seen Chase?
Martial: No, why?
Sky: Because I was going to talk to him.
Martial: None of us saw him in a while.
Sky: Thanks anyway.
( Goes outside)
(Zuma follows)
Zuma: hujambo Sky.
Sky: hi Zuma.
Zuma: What's wrong?
Sky: I miss chase, he is out on the job and I need to see him.
Zuma: well, he will come back soon. wewe don't need to worry sky.
Sky: thanks Zuma. I...
(Van pulls up)
(Door slides open)
(Grabs Sky)
(Slides door closed)
(Speeds off)
Zuma: Sky!!!!
(Runs inside)
(Goes to juu of lookout)
Zuma: Wyder!! Wyder!!
Ryder: What's wrong Zuma?
Zuma: Sky was puppynapped!!!
Ryder: What!?
Zuma: Me and Sky were talking and then a van pulled up and Sky was pulled into the van and they sped off!
(Grabs puppad)
Ryder: paw patrol, to the lookout.
Pups: Ryder needs us.
2 dakika later.
Chase: ready for action, Ryder sir.
Ryder: Pups, this is a real bad emergency.
Rocky: what is it Ryder?
Ryder: Sky has been puppynapped.
Chase: What!?!?!?
To be continued...