Sky: who are you!? What do wewe want with me!?
??: its not just wewe I want, it's all pups! With that kind of money, I can buy all the pups in the world!
Sky: your crazy!
??: am i!? For to long, I have hated the paw patrol for what they did to me!
Sky: who are you?
wewe don't remember me? Does Dean ring a bell?!
Sky: Dean?! But wewe fell...
Dean: off a cliff! Thanks to that germen Shepard!
Sky: Chase tired to save you!
Dean: I was stranded in foggy bottom falls for 3 Years! I almost died because of that runt!
Sky: For a Border collie, wewe do get angry Easily.
(Dean glares)
Dean: wewe loved me Sky and I loved you. But now wewe ruined my life, and now I get to ruin yours!
(Puts her in cage)
Dean: I hope wewe like the ocean, because wewe will be sleeping with the fishes!
(Locks cage)
To be continued....