Let me tell wewe a story about a hotel. This hotel was made for everyone to go and have fun, to meet people like them and to enjoy new friendships. In this hotel are lots of user made fanclubs, the most maarufu being the bila mpangilio fanclub. The bila mpangilio fanclub was made so that anyone from Twifans to twihaters, wapanese anime otakus to American patriots, dedicated Christians to atheists. But one siku a member of this hotel lit a moto in the bila mpangilio fanclub, one would think that people would have tried to put it out and some have been but most people just harbored it and preserved it, and they even started lighting fires in other clubs. Now many people who once spent every siku in the hotel had to leave to escape this terrible flame war. It has mgawanyiko, baidisha friendships, hardened hearts, and has done other terrible things to the residents of this flame war. There are lots of people like me, people who hide within the hotel and talks only to their Marafiki and are afraid to associate with the other people in this hotel in hopes not to be burned. But the truth is no matter what wewe do wewe get burned so I have decided to come out of my shell and warn the residents of the hotel and I hope to end this unstoppable flame war.