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Seeking Specific Peanuts Comic Strip?

I used to have a color copy of a six-panel Peanuts comic strip that went like this:

Charlie Brown and Lucy are leaning back to back on a mti and she begins to speak about all the things that enliven her senses, like "things that sparkle" and the "taste" of something au other. She turns to Charlie and says, "I'm a girl" and he majibu "So?" She yells at him with words along the lines of "I can't tell wewe anything!" au "You never listen to me!". Then he's all alone in the last panel, looking confused.

Can someone give me info about this particular strip, au lead me in the right direction? I believe the one I had (and lost) was a Sunday edition but I have seen a black-and-white version online but do not remember where. I would like to have it again. Thank you!
 crseveneighteen posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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