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Doris please read this!!Anyone can read it too

The scientist's upendo has departed
As both of our worlds go by
Every single nanosecond
I think of wewe siku and night
In my moyo there is no that is second
You'll always be the apple of my eye

I'll tafuta the world
Near and far then high and low
My upendo will show
Just to hold wewe gently
Don't want to let wewe go

I need a moment in my life
To be with you, I'll be true
Without realizing our isolation
With upendo and Science
I am deeply torn kwa desperation

In every experimentation
You're an inspiration
Besides the problems and life collisions
Like Skipper alisema " You're a distraction"
Now we're inter-vented
And separated for good
Up to now my upendo has departed
But.. Still "I'm screwed"

We're like fragments that were split
au gas molecules, so far away
Now, I'm broken in tiny bits
But deep inside my heart
Your loving silhouette will stay
“Sorry about that compadre. Not too much I can do about him. Anyway, we are going to help wewe get over this.” Skipper told Kowalski after Julien’s attempted interference. “But how?” Kowalski asked. “Ugh! Enough Kowalski! I’ve had enough of your ‘buts’!” Private suppressed a giggle. “Private! Do wewe have to giggle at every ‘but’ reference?” Skipper asked the young cadet angrily. “Sorry sir.” Private replied. “What do wewe want to do Kowalski?” Skipper asked his lieutenant. “Wallow in self-pity…” Kowalski muttered. Skipper slapped him. “Kowalski! There’s...
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posted by peacebaby7
*penguins are doing routine exercises in their habitat on an early Wednesday...*

Skipper: "Punch, kick, molch, bob & weave, weave & bob, pleeay, & punch. Well, that concludes our exercises for the day, men! So Kowalski, wewe wanted to tell me something this morning?"

Kowalski: "Oh, yes. A fax was sent to the zoo yesterday at about 8:30 am. It alisema a new resident was coming to the zoo."

Skipper: "New resident? When?"

Kowalski: "Tomorrow at about 5:30 pm."

Skipper: "Species?"

Kowalski: "Asian otter. Female."

Skipper: "Otter? They already have the habitat set up?"

Kowalski: "Yep. She's got...
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posted by Saracuda
"2:30." Liberty thought to herself. He should BE here kwa now! She looked nervously over her shoulder. Liberty was a young lioness. She'd recently moved to New York city from her quiet nyumbani in Africa. Her sisters and one brother had all been taken to separate zoos. She'd been sent to Central Park Zoo. She was so lonely. So cold. Then she met a lively bunch of commando penguins.
She couldn't help but smile as she thought of how they'd first met. It had been raining. Liberty was moping around looking for anyone familiar. Suddenly a small penguin, auk had dropped out of the trees and landed on her. He...
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I'm kusoma some of the synopsises of the PoM comic vitabu on Madagascar Wikia, and some are better than the real episodes!

Issue 1: Synopsis - "Join the Penguins of Madagascar on an all-new mission! When the Penguins discover that the zoo's new platypus Mia has been separated from her eggs, they put their military minds together to hatch a plan for a Great Escape - back to her native Australia! Goodbye New York, Hello adventure!"

Issue 2: Synopsis - "Stranded in Brazil, Skipper enlists the help of some unusual locales, including a snake named Jose who is anything but, in order to reunite his...
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Author's note: I know it's been like, forever, since I've written zaidi of this Twilight Zone-POM crossover. I'm really sorry, wewe see, the paper that I write the rough draft of each chapter got caught in the rain, so I Lost 65 days of work!!! This is Episode 2, Episode 1 being about the plane and the gremlin. *talks like Rod Serling* Here, we have the most credulous sight of all, the place is Madagascar, 1965. A rising king and his loyal followers are claiming power, when a surprise visitor arrived. Julien, the king, Maurice the diplomat, and Mort the bad secretary. The newcomers have travelled...
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This is one looong chapter. XD
And it has me in it! :3
Seriously. Long chapter. Find time to read it. XD


Chapter 1: For starters

Monday. 10:03 a.m.

It was a warm breezy siku in the mwezi of May (Hey, that rhymed!). The penguins were lying around the HQ, bored. Their training was done for the day, sooner then Skipper expected.

Kowalski was mixing different chemicals at one corner of the room, hoping to discover something out of the blue. Rico was just brushing his doll girlfriend's plastic hair...for 52 dakika straight. Private was watching TV, changing the channels...
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We won TWO spots!! AAAHH!!
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In honor of them making a show...I will be rewriting au remaking my original story corpse party/penguins...I will change some things in the story so it will be interesting for everyone:D watch the trailer for the new show!
Awesomeness. B)