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Skipper and the other penguins were digging and digging and....digging? ok. They didn't seem to have enough escape tunels, they were finishing number 31.

"this is PARANOIC MADNESS!" Private shouted, as he dug deeper and deeper, but, suddent ly he felt a click, he strted digging in other directions, until every single place mad the noise click.

He started waving the dust with his hands, and eventualy, a scream came out

"AHHHHHH!!!" Skipper heard the scream

"come boys!" he and everyone went as fast as they could. Once there, they saw that Private was right beside a skeleton.

"wait!" Kowalski took a piece of the skeleton's poor quantity of feathers and one of Skipper, he then pulled out a device and put both feathers in

"how much time have wewe had that?" Private asked, as he shivered.

"none of your buissness" a light beep sounded and Kowalski sighted "Skipper, this is wewe grandgrandgrandfather"

"oh! the one who-" Private stopped,evryone looked at Rico, who inmediately got out a gun and shot at the rests of ground and dust.

"BOOOOOOM!" Rico shouted after the explosion, they all ran and once the dust lightned, they saw the most precious object for all living beeings: the lucky coin

"ha, I don't believe it!" Kowalski walked towards the coin, it had an average size, but it had a clover instead, it was relucant gold.

"well rico, boom us up!" Skipper said, as Rico threw up many dinamites, they all put the coin in it, remembering that the coin was indestructible, and went all the way up, and BAM!

"there we..." Skipper couldn't finish his sentence when he dicovered thatthey were in the habitat of the otters

"oooh whats that?" Mandy said, stealing the coin from Skipper

"hey!" Skipper tried to grab her, but she just putted her flipper in his face, stopping him, and making the two other otters laugh.

"I wished to know what this does" Mandy said, as she threw repetitively the coin, but in one of those throws, Mandy stayed without moving for four seconds, then she reacted.

"it's a wish-for-me coin!!!!" Mandy was totaly exited

"what?" Marlene asked

"that's supposed to be a magic coin that congrats wishes right?" Arlene asked

"yes!!!!! lets see. hmmmm I wish, for a lot of fish!" Mandy threw the coin, and it fell in the clover, and suddently they heard a boom, and when they saw, their lake had millions of fishes.

"yiiiipe!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mandy threw herself at the lake

"well" Marlene grabbed the coin "I wish Skipper has a very kiddy voice!" Marlene said, making her cousin laugh, she threw the coin, but this time, the side was a skull

"argg" Marlene felt a incredible hurt in her throat, "what happens to me,
I wish to know,
but since no wish is granted,
I'd better slow" Marlene said, with a lovely imba voice.

"cool!!" Arlene said

"this is not for games! last time this felt in evil hands, everyone who got their wish acomplished went nuts!" Kowalski shouted as Mandy ran through the front door.

"give me!!" Mandy grabbed the coin "I wish for FIIIIIIISH!" Mandy said, throwing the coin, this time it fell in a skull, making Mandy throw up all her fishes, hundreds of fishes flew through the sky, and then, they all disapeared.

Skipper took Mandy from behind and putted her a force shati as Private grabbed the coin. Mandy shook like crazy.

"hmm. maybe one small wish..." Skipper heard, he looked, and saw Private "I wish someone of us has a royal ascendance" Private threw the coin, the clover, and nothing happened, but then they all heard the brown otter, dressed in a pink, princess suit.

"what just happened, I don't know,
someone of wewe did something wrong,
I don't care if it was wewe au you,
get it out au I'll make wewe blue!"
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