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posted by JediPenguin16
Seven Abominations

Here's the rundown:

One-Oldest, black feathers and white belly, beak, otter ears, bird feet, paws, otter tail, Male, blue-eyes. Injured badly.

Two-Female, black fur, manyoya with white foot, beak, otter ears, otter tail, flippers, bird feet, Female, blue eyes. Closest to One.

Three- Brown fur, gray featehrd belly and face, brown eyes, no tail, paws, penguin

Two Fours. Four #1- Completely covered in white fur, brown eyes, otter face adn tail, flippers, otter ears, bird feet. Female.

Four #2-Missing. Male.

Five-black, with unique white markings close to otter, brown eyes,paws, penguin, auk feet. Disagrees with 5. female

Six-Brown fur, gray-feathered belly and otter face, flippers, no tail, earholes,blue eyes. Argues with 5. Male.


This should help clear up stuff.

Chapter One

...(first person POV)

"Outside, Inside, Upside-down, never knowing which way, but going mbele anyway, we'll get there." chanted a deep female voice.

It was dark everywhere, I knew it was a dream. Same one every night. It was irritating, to say the least.

" What is "there?" What am I searching for, why am I here?" The words come out of my beak, but my mind didn't even say for them to come out. no logic in dreamland, and not much in the real world either.

" You'll find out, But wewe must find wewe first." It replies.

'"A little mushy for my taste, and what are wewe some sort of fortune telling gypsy trying to con me?" I reply of my own volition, using my inayopendelewa weapon: sarcasm.

Silence. The voice grows louder and louder, but no words, Only grunts, noises, and gibberish.

Nothing makes sense...the waters break, out of nowhere, the water comes, it will kumeza me body feels like lead.

Sometimes I fear I will never wake up, as the cool water rushes over my head...

" Experiment 2-3-400-87!"


(3rd person)


Slowly the golden-brown eyes opened, adjusting to the harsh white light of the laboratory. The penguin-otter stood up on stubby paws, and smoothed the fur, manyoya on her long otter-like tail with her flippers. She was totally black all over, save one place, the right foot, It looked as if someone had deliberately painted her foot white. Jer eyes and head looks almost too large for it's body, suggesting it was juvenile.

"Good, wewe recognize your name. And to think your only two months work...on my part. "

The tall, wiry man smiled down at her. It would have been a pleasant smile, if it weren't for that greedy gleam in his eyes. He was old, and wore a tattered lab coat. His nose reminded it of the pictures of those birds called "hawks' that Intern had showed it and brother, and with the dark, beady eyes of the large "shark" fish. Speaking of brother...she looked around the cage, and looked back up at the hawk-nosed doctor, confused.

" Experiment 1-0000 was faulty.' he mumbled to himself, while taking notes on his clipboard. " not good for sale and experiments, so his skin was good. The lady will think it is mink. The female experiment 2-3-400-87 is progressing greatly, she should be ready for major experiments later, information could be worth millions.' He grinned even zaidi at the last part, adding a few dollar signs inayofuata to 'millions' on his notes.

" What does he mean kwa mink?"She asked aloud, knowing the strange dictator over her life could not understand her. Intern almost did though, he liked her and the others. She would have to ask Intern. He showed her how the funny scribbels on a page mean sounds and words, and she could spell a few things already, and read a little too.

" Time to see your brothers and sisters." He alisema cheerfully. He picked up her cage from the cold counter with a bump, and carried her through many doors, and through familiar dark hallways, into another lab. Intern was there, a short, pudgy redhead, eternally glued to his note pad and gloves. He was not good-looking, but she thought him better because of his kindness, something the strange doctor faked, but did not have.

Doctor handed her to Intern. Intern took her out, the same way he did every day, and gently set her in a much larger cage on the floor. Inside she met her brothers and sisters, as always. Three was scribbling with a rarely acquired pen, on scrap paper, his two words he had learned from Intern. He was the smartest of them all, and could learn very fast. He was brown, but had a Grey-feathered belly and an machungwa, chungwa beak, but was blessed with paws; those were much easier to pick things up with. She walked over to him, watching him silently.

" It says... Pen-goo-in?" She struggled to read the new word. "

' Almost. It is Penguin. Two beats.' he clapped his paws as he alisema it. "Pen-guin. " he pointed to the word under it. "That one says " otter"."

To everyone's surprise, Four#1 spoke up. ' I-I know about-t the otters, but wh-wh-at is a "penguin"?" she alisema with a stutter. She was a very nervous sort of girl, and unlike all the others, was covered head-to-toe in white feathers. Her gentle blue eyes filed with curiosity, but also a little fear, perhaps fearing they were similar to the alligator-chimps, the meanest ones in the Laboratory. She had a long tail, and white paws, and a face with no beak.

" Penguins, are like us a little." Three explained, gesturing with his paws." The are black and white with feathers, flippers, and beaks. they are part of a big family of wanyama known as 'birds'. intern told me they cannot ...'fly." he scribbled 'fly' on his paper. ' I asked him what "fly' was. A lot of birds do it. They flap their go off of the ground, and into the air...

They sat in silence for a moment.

" Is that what Four #2 did? He never came back. He went to the Outside, because he alisema knew a lot zaidi than us...did he learn to fly?" Five asked thoughtfully.

There was silence. Two wondered if one had flown away as well. One was oldest, and none of the other brothers and sisters knew he existed, he alisema for her not to mention him, because if they met him and got to close, they would be sad later. Did he know he was going to fly away? Was that why his skin was good, do wewe need a certain kind of skin to fly?

Six spoke up, his loud, commanding voice was hard to miss. " Okay I say we all fly away to find Four #2! Maybe he told us not to come, maybe wewe can only fly away kwa yourself! I say phooey on that! We will fly like the pictures in the books, like the other birds! So get into groups and start practicing to fly!" he jumped on juu of the chakula bowl and flapped his arms. He was brown, and had flippers and no beak, paws for feet,and big blue eyes. He was the only brown one to have blue-eyes. He jumped off the chakula bowl,lost his balance ,and landed in the mush that was their food.

Two,Thee, and Five, laughed at their brother's antics and failure. Five helped him out of the mush. He licked himself clean, not wanting to waste their food-portions, and seemed very uncharacteristically quiet, his ego quite hurt. After the laughter, five reassured her brother.
" I want to Fly to, but I don't think we can do it that way, silly...'

" At least I was doing something..." he mumbled.

Intern and doctor had left the room, and Two noticed a door opening at a strange time and familiar shape.

' One? what are wewe doing out of your..." She stopped, horrified, One was ...leaking. Leaking blood, a lot of it. He shot the door, jumped up,. and locked it. He was black and white, taller than all of them, with a beak and a long black tail and was holding something. It was off-white, and oval-shaped. He threw upon the cage with an odd burst of strength.

" Two, we are in danger. Especially this little guy!" he handed her the egg. " Be careful, there is a baby one of us inside of it. Keep it warm' He coughed up red blood. "Fly away. the window. Go out the Window, and find..."

He stopped, his eyes widened, and he fell over.

"Find the parents of us..."

Then he stopped moving.

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The penguins were outside early in the morning, practicing like always. Skipper was shouting out commands when all of the sudden, they get an urge to peek at Marlene’s habitat. When they look over, she looks very sad and bored.

“Skippa, what’s going on with Marlene?” Private asks innocently.

“I have no idea, Private.” Skipper turns to Kowalski. “Kowalski, options!”

“Well, uh…we could go ask her if anything is wrong…?”Kowalski answered, but it sounds zaidi like a swali than an answer.

“Right, let’s go!” With that being alisema the penguins spring into Marlene’s habitat....
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