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posted by queenpalm
The penguins stepped into the moonlight. The Mbwa mwitu loups howled. Ru screamed, but Urka covered her beak.
"Where is it?" Urka asked.
"Follow us," Rica said. 
The penguins got across the brook and scaled a tree. They made their way over the treetops. Kowalski fell 3 times, and Ru had to pull him back up.
"Here it is," Rica said. They looked down on the ground, and there was the blue light, it seemed to be coming out of nowhere.
"Is it safe?" Urka asked.
"Um, yah, du!" Kowalski said, very unsurely.
Just then, a series of howling startled them. A large pack of Mbwa mwitu loups walked through the trees. Their growling...
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Chapter 7

Skipper arrived at the ngome where everything was flipped upside down. Instead of being on the floor, he was on the cleaning, and everything was on was the floor was now above Skipper. He was still in the kiti cha enzi room so he will have to figure out a way to get to the dark priest. But then he saw a penguin, auk with the same outfit he was wearing. Skipper ran to the penguin, and when he got closer he saw his face. It was his face. It was Skipper! A clone of Skipper has been made, obviously to take the real Skipper’s place and be evil. Skipper took out his sword, and the evil Skipper took...
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posted by Skiparah
I clenched my eyes shut as the sting nipped my back. I tried to stop a cry of pain from escaping my beak but it broke free, echoing in the large room. I heard the slicing whack again and the sensation of lightning shooting through me made me yowl in agony, sweat poured down my face. I looked over my shoulder at Blowhole, a pleading expression on my face, "Blowhole, this is unnecessary! If wewe want revenge kill me!" Blowhole chuckled. The lashings stopped. The purr of his segway neared me, "Alexander, this IS revenge. What better way to enjoy it, than to watch wewe suffer?" He lifted the whip...
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posted by Skiparah
I shut my eyes, expecting death, only to hear the sounds of men shouting and feet rushing into the room. Guns clanked and a familiar voice shouted, "Captain Blowhole, you're under arrest!" I lifted my head. The blurry image of Leeland wafted from double leelands to just one, then back again. Leeland was alive! I wanted to spring up and fight at his side, but I could hardly move. I was too shaken. Suddenly a flipper grabbed my own and pulled me up to my feet. He threw my flipper over his shoulders to keep me from collapsing to the floor again. I looked over to see who it was, "Hans!" I exclaimed,...
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"no, no, Marlene, be thinky about it!" Julien alisema through the radio, Marlene just turned off the radio and headed towards the ngome like the others; but suddently, a flash passed through the surprised eyes of the five, and Maurice's ship burnt down

"help!help!" Maurice screamed, the team ran to his ship to secure it from falling, but it simply banished into thin air, letting the team very confused. sekunde later, the ship reapeared, but it was perfect.

"what the heck just happened?" Marlene shouted, very confused. The Commander (I MEAN it! last time: he's Private) took word in the radio

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Note: I really hope wewe guys enjoy this chapter. This is where it gets zaidi dramatic. Spoiler: (Private has a nightmare, that is pretty violent, so if wewe don't wanna read that part I understand.) While I was uandishi that part my electricity went out, which freaked me out and caused a delay on posting it. Sorry about that. ;)
Kowalski got his options notebook ready. "My juu two suspects are: Ms. Williams and the maid. I think everyone agrees with me." Kowalski assumed. "Actually, Kowalski, I thought Timothy was uigizaji guilty." Skipper said. "Here, all in favor of my idea raise your flipper."...
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posted by queenpalm
Skipper's point of view:

Johnson ran in from the metal door. He was carrying a device that looked much like the Stopwatch Kowalski had once made.
"Hey, look what I found!" he said.
"My Stopwatch!" Kowalski cried. "Where did wewe find that?!"
"It is not your Stopwatch thingy-ma-jiggy," Johnson said. "I found it in my box of things I got from Blowhole."
"Blowhole, Shmohole. It is my Stopwatch!" Kowalski cried. "You don't even have a Blowhole box, do you?"
"He does too!" Ivy said. "He showed me it!"
"Hey, everyone!" I cried. "Stop arguing unless wewe want a samaki slap!"
Everybody stopped. Then, Kowalski...
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posted by Mother-of-PoM
"I guess its hard for someone your age to take in." Blue sighed, "I wanted some zaidi time...But.."

"YOU'RE GOING TO TURN ME INTO A DOLL?!" Private screeched in horror.

"Oh, don't take it like that Private. kwa making wewe a doll, wewe can be adorable forever." Blue spun around so he wasn't facing him.

"Blue..Stop..Please.." Private begged.

"Besides, being a doll gives wewe the excuse to wear anything wewe want. What would wewe like to be?"

'I don't know, Maybe, ALIVE?!' Private thought while inching towards the basement.

Blue turned around and was taken back to see Private inching away. "Private? Where...
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posted by Cowtails
Sweet Pripper's POV

"First of all, KOWALSKI, I WANTED TO SEE SKIPPER DIE! sekunde of all, Rico gimme my popcorn! third of all, Your letting your leader get killed?!" I shouted.

The three birds gave me a blank stare.

Skipper's POV

Cowtails suddenly stopped chasing me.

"Why am I holding a siagi knife?" She asked.

I sighed in relief. Sweet Pripper and my team then came back.

"maybe I can stay calm this time," Cowtails frowned, "but I'm not sure."

"test out again?" Rico grunted.

Then he opened his beak to yell Ka-boom but we covered his beak, "NO!"

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posted by Mother-of-PoM
(This was made for my own enjoyment of PoM and Mad Father, plus I have to get this out of my head XD This takes place before Private even joined the team and this is not cannon. Its fanmade. So without further jibber jabbers, enjoy.)

A small black flipper knocked against a steel door. He frowned when no one answered the door.

"Big Brothah?" He tried again, "Are wewe in there Blue?" He inquired lowly, he has been warned over and again not to raise his voice in the house. He stepped aside as the door opened and his big brother came out. "Big brothah!" He smiled brightly.

The penguin, auk in front of him...
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Note: This is a short chapter just to conclude things up. Hope wewe enjoyed it!

“Kowalski, tell me you’ve cracked this thing,” alisema Skipper. “The humans will arrive at any moment.”
“Almost there, Skipper. Just a few zaidi touches.”
Private turned to his leader. “Skipper! Someone’s coming!”
“Kowalski! It’s now au never!”
Kowalski hit the send button. “Mission accomplished, sir.”
“Go! Go! Go!”
The team made it up to the air vent just in time. The humans walked into the room. “I could have sworn I’d closed the lights.”
“Nah, you’re crazy.”
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These are bloopers from scenes in Chapter One. Just so wewe know, the couples in real life are Me x Kowalski, Sweet Pripper x Private, and Skipper x Bella. wewe don't know who Bella is yet.

Did wewe miss me? Take One
Cowtails: *walks into the room* I'm back!! Didn't wewe all miss me?!
Kowalski: YESS BABE!!
Director: *facepalm* Cut!!

Did wewe miss me? Take Two
Cowtails: *walks into the room* I'm back! Didn't wewe all miss me?!
Skipper: Uhhhh...sure...
Cowtails: Geez if you're all gonna be jerks I'll let Sweet Pripper deal with you!
Kowalski: Oh please no...I missed you....
Rico: *nods* Uhuhuhuhuh.
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"Skipper are wewe sure we aren't lost? This is NOT the part of New Jersey wewe want to be in at night...for wewe guys...not that bad...for a young and sort of vulnerable girl like me...very bad!" Cowtails alisema nervously.

Suddenly, three tough looking guys walked up.

"What's a pretty thing like wewe doin' walkin' her pets around at 11 at night?" The first guy asked.

"yeah...don't wewe know it's a bit dangerous, dollface?" The sekunde guy said.

Skipper glared. Dollface was his line!

"there could be gangs...or kidnappers..." The third guy alisema slowly smirking.

Cowtails spotted the tojo on their necks,...
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Sweet Pripper's POV

I panicked when I saw Cowtails, "OH GOD PLEASE TELL ME YOU'RE PASSED OUT!"

I suddenly heard Kowalski yell, "AHHH! KILLER!"

I stood there confused. All the penguins came over carefully.

"Where's Cowta-" Skipper stopped himself in mid sentence, "HOLY CRAP WHAT DID wewe DO?!"

"I don't know, everything has been a blur!" I shouted.

Then I fell silent. Stupid savage side...

"Damnit. My savage side has struck." I muttered.

"Savage?" Kowalski repeated questionly.

"It's when I get mad. Then I end up trying to kill everyone." I alisema quietly.

Skipper looked at Cowtails, "Not sure what...
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posted by Mother-of-PoM
Razor padded down the stairs and stared at the young penguin. "Hmm." He lifted him on his back and walked off.


Private ran around on the kilima giggling joyfully.

"Private could wewe come here for a second?" Blue called, shaking his head at the smaller.

Private squealed then ran back and wrapped his flippers around him. "You're warm big brothah."

"Close your eyes."


Blue laughed, "Well it won't be a surprise if I tell you."

Private pouted but shut his eyes. He was certainly surprised feeling his forehead being kissed.

"May wewe be smiled upon baby brother."

Private opened his eyes. "What was...
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"Whoa whoa! Did he just call me an idiot?" Sweet Pripper growled, punching the window between her and the Man.

~ "aw crap.." Cowtails said, climbing into the air vent quickly, she went halfway and saw the penguins, "Skipper!"

~ Private cowered in a corner.

"what the-?" The man asked, almost driving off the road.

~ "WHERE THE CRAP ARE wewe GOING?!" Blowhole snapped.

~ SP grinned evilly, "You won't get away with this."

~ "Nowhere?" Cowtails answered questionly.

Her hip suddenly got stuck, "are wewe serious? Skipper, guys, help me! Blowhole's right here!"

"come on men!" Skipper shouted, sliding...
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posted by Mother-of-PoM
Then, there were gone. Private went into the bathroom where he noticed something he didn't notice before. A key was sitting inayofuata to the bathtub. He started to walk in front of the bathtub to get to the key but a zombie threw itself out of the bathtub making him yelp and back away.

'Around the tub then...'

Private was thankful the zombie didn't songesha as he made his way around. He smiled and picked up the key. Then the zombie lunged at him, Private screamed and moved to doge it then slid out of the room and slammed the door shut. His eyes widened. A doll with red feathers and amber eyes was walking...
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He could see clear as siku that he loved her. No maswali asked!

~ Private giggled again, "I wish there was something to do in here...we can't even play hide and seek au watch the telly!"

~ "wh-what?" Cowtails stammered.

~ "Well the least we can do is look for an escape." SP said, looking around.

~ Kowalski blushed, looking down.

~ "there is no escape except for that locked door! the rest of the room is SOLID CONCRETE!" Private shouted. He panicked, "WE'RE GOING TO DIE IN A SOLID CONCRETE ROOM AND I'LL NEVAH EAT ANOTHAH karanga BUTTAH WINKY AGAIN!"

~ Cowtails smiled warmly, "Skipper told you,...
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posted by Mother-of-PoM
"Is he still in there?" Private asked, pacing in front of the door.

" wewe Ami." Blue's voice sounded from behind the door.

"You too Blue kins." Ami's voice was next.

Private made a face.

Kiki walked into the main room, "There wewe are Private!" He came closer to the small bird. "Didn't your brother tell wewe to stay away from this door?"

Private didn't answer, instead he glared at the door. Kiki raised his brow then put his ear to the door. A few sekunde later, he scowled.

"Has a kid to take care of and NOW romance is zaidi important?" Kiki raced off to his room.

He ripped off the mkufu he was...
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SP scoffed, "Like if I'm scared of you! I beat every person that kidnapped me, and wewe shall be no different!"

~ Kowalski climbed out of the dumpster, "Do i look like garbage to you?! Rico! Skipper could beat them!"

"not really..she not upendo Skipper!" Rico grunted.

Skipper sighed, "it's true Kowalski! She asked me if it was okay, when she came back she told me that she loved someone else, and I told only Rico."

"Yeah!" Rico nodded.

"geez, how many times have wewe been kidnapped before? Nevermind, boss, she's all yours." The man said, leaving the room.

The boss chuckled with a smirk, "what's...
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