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posted by TheRatKing1
This is based off the continuity errors from the foramu post "PoM Fails" (it's on there somewhere. i found it about 3 months zamani and updated it.) Maybe this will help bring that foramu post in use again. Thanks for all who ilitumwa for giving me ideas!


It was a warm summer siku in Central Park. Kids were playing in the park, eating snow cones, flying kites, eating snow cones while flying kites, and flying kites while eating snow cones.

The penguins were in a nearby tree, hidden amongst the foliage, spying on the mahindi, nafaka dog vendors that were slowly encroaching on the territory of the snow cone...
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posted by sarah12499
Rico pulled out a bazooka and threatened to blow up the TV “Why I oughta!” Dr. Blowhole laughed “Don’t worry their not dead….yet.” Julien was concerned “Why? Are they sick?” Blowhole squinted his eyes at him “I tell wewe once it’s time to kill all of you; you’re the first to go!” Private whimpered “Where are they?” Blowhole turned around “Oh, someplace.” The TV went black. Marlene sighed “First the transfer and now a rescue mission!” Private got an idea “Wait the transfers not till later tonight! Since Blowhole is behind all this when we go to rescue Skipper...
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Author's Note: I was planning on publishing a chapter every four days, but I'm unsure when and if I'll be on tomorrow. So, I decided to post this today. However, the rest of the chapters will remain on schedule.

♦ ♦ ♦

    The week had finally passed. Days seemed to go kwa longer for some reason. Lorrie had Kowalski in a small cage and was carrying him to the boat. Preston was coming with her as far as Manhattan, then he was going back to Antarctica. Once they boarded, Preston led her to her cabin, kibanda as he carried her luggage. The sun was shining brightly over the horizon...
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Skipper and the others were getting weaker and weaker kwa the minute, they knew if they even stopped for one minute, they wouldn't songesha on, it felt like they've been in there for weeks, they were all starving, and thirsty, skipper wanted to ask private why he smelled like pee, but he felt as if private was trying to hide the smell, he didn't want to talk about it.

Rico: ugh! Well never find her body!

Marlene: don't give up! We're so close! She's got to be around here somewhere...

Julien: maybe we should just give up....well never get out of here...

Skipper turned around and grabbed julien

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posted by legendary7
Private's swali stung. It seemed as if she hadn't anticipated him asking. She closed her eyes and reminisced painfully. A uchungu, chungu taste formed in her beak. It was like she could feel the cold hands grasping her again.
"Scientists," She answered simply, covering up her past.
"What intentions would they have in caging up a penguin, auk in a lab for years?" Private wondered naïvely. Skipper elbowed Kowalski in the ribs.
"Uh… I'll explain later, Private." Kowalski said.
"No, it's fine. wewe see, there are some scientists. Evil scientists, who test chemicals out on animals. Sometimes, like in my case,...
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this is part 3 of how i met Skipper and his team. so after we went back to H.Q. Private puts a bandaid on my arm. which would make it feel better. that's where Marlene appeared.

Marlene: hujambo guys

Skipper: hello Marlene.

Marlene then look at me on the floor.

little me: (looks at the otter) (giggles)

Marlene: what's with the mouse?

Private: that's Kiva Marlene.

Skipper: and me and my team found her in the ally she was scared and alone. so now we are taking care of her. because her mom and dad were killed kwa Dr. Blowhole.

Marlene: right i get it and now you're protecting her so no one won't be able hurt...
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posted by NoShameHere
This is the Sequel to "The Clipboard Theory". It's being rewritten. If wewe have trouble finding the first story, just ask.

Kowalski stood outside his home, chest puffed out proudly, feathers ruffled, a rather goofy grin on his face, as he stared at what was before him.

"Is it good, Dad? Did I do a good job?" Kowalski looked down at his son, a young penguin, auk with tiny tuffs of down feathers clinging to his new, slick ones, much like Kowalski's own memories, both quickly fading reminders of their past. Kowalski notes how long it had taken Kona to lose his feathers; a mwaka longer than normal, but...
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posted by legendary7
NOTE: This is pretty short, but I wanted to have a cliffhanger before the probably last chapter.

They headed mbele and circled the building. A window got the penguins' attention. Marlene stood watching them through it. Private waved joyously. "Hi, Marlene!" He called. Rico hacked up a grabbling gun and shot it at the window. Under the pressure of the hook the window shattered. They all grabbed on and were hoisted up. They landed on their feet in "ready-postion". Before anything else happened, Marlene grasped Skipper's flipper uncomfortably tight.

"Marlene, don't worry we're going to resc-"...
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posted by legendary7
The pengins began to proceed their journey before the sun came up to spare themselves from the blistering sun for awhile. That morning the heat was untoleratentable. kwa eleven Rico couldn't take walking anymore, so he slid on his belly.

As they inclined up a kilima Private's eyes randomly began to light up. He daydreamed off into the distance. It wasn't long before Rico and Kowalski joined him in his gaze.

"What are wewe boys looking at? I don't see anything." Skipper questioned.

"Don't wewe see the H.Q.?" Kowalski alisema pointing to nothing.

"No, what are wewe talking about Kowalski? It's a...
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posted by legendary7
Soon the penguins began to walk. kwa noon their feet felt ablazingly painful. The sand rubbed them raw. The towering sun beat down on them. They had thought New York was bad in the summer, but that was nothing compared to this heat. Each dakika every penguin, auk seemed to fall to the hot sand. Their mouths were as dry as a waterhole in Africa during the dry season. It wasn't long before Private fell back, but before he hit the ground Skipper caught him as usual.

"Private!" Skipper cried.

"I'm so thirsty, Skippah!" Private whined. Skipper took Private's cantine off of his soldier and gave it...
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posted by legendary7
Thursday (The siku before the "Zoo Dance")

Marlene woke up that morning fatigued. Antonio was waiting for her at the entrance of the cave. His back was against the ukuta with his arms crossed across his chest. Gazing outside, he had a solemn expression on his face. Marlene approached silently, but she was contemplating what was on her roomate's mind.

"Good Morning. Are wewe okay?" Marlene yawned.

"I don't like wewe talking to that twerp of a penguin." Antonio snarled.

"Listen, I know you're mad, but he's not a twerp! Stop, calling him all these names. He just wants the best for me, just like you."...
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Announcer: You've seen Spongebob and his Marafiki take on robots, supervillians, vikings and more, but coming soon, they're gonna take on a force they've never thought they would. (scene shows Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs coming out of separate jail cells and they have scared looks on their faces looking down the hall of a prison)
Voice: Oh, wewe guys are out. Perfect!
Announcer: Spongebob and Marafiki will take on... THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR!!!
Spongebob: What's a penguin?
Kowalski: Penguins are aquatic birds that live in frozen tundras, like Antarctica.
Patrick: I have no idea what...
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posted by SaturdaySurpris

Skipper means- shipmaster\captain(english)

Rico means- Strong ruler\glory(spanish)

Private means-A common soldier\Belonging to an individual person (american,english?)

Marlene means- bitter(german)

Julian means- youthful, young at heart(greek)

Maurice means- moor, dark skinned (moor=fasten, secure)(french)

Mort means- dead\a stagnant lake(french)
Hans means- Gift from God. God has been gracious(german,dutch)

Max means- greatest(latin american)

Doris means- sea(greek)

Nigel means- ahead\champion(american\gaelic)

Alice means- truth, noble(greek)

Clemson means- merciful, mild (medieval english)
One morning in the penguin, auk lair.....
Skipper: Rise and shine, boys! We have work to do.
Private: Aww, is it cleaning siku again?
Skipper: wewe guessed it, young Private.
Rico: Arrggh.....
Kowalski: Really?? I had an important invention to complete!
Skipper: No, Kowalski. Cleaning first, invention last.
Kowalski: *Epic sad face*
Back at the zoo...... a monkey in a suit walks up to the penguin, auk lair.
Monkey: Excuse me, anybody home?
Skipper: What do wewe want?
Monkey: I am here to offer wewe a once in a life time oppertunity!
Private: Really?? What is it?? The complete set of Lunicorns?!
Monkey: NO! I'm giving...
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Black Thoughts

He pressed his beak tightly together to bare the pain.

The dark fog, which flew through his veins, thickened at the two broken rips. He tried not to scream as the healing began.

His flipper closed tightly around the hilt of his sword. He lifted the blade. The darkness licked over the metal.

This damn elephant!

Every time the demon helped him, he felt so exhausted afterwards. Exhausted like now. He had barely managed to get back from the forest. Otherwise, he had chased those tiny bastards! Now, he lay in the lair, slipped down at the ukuta on the ground and he could barely songesha from...
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Funeral and Stories

In the afternoon, Mason and Phil came back. They had gone to the edge of the forest where Marlene had found Private and now, they carried a bunch of white linen with them.


They buried Kowalski in the light of sundown. They had dug a grave not far away from the oak; underneath some young birches, lowering their thin greened branches sadly over the dark stone, which Burt had dragged here as a grave stone. It was unshaved but deep grey and it did its sad effect…

The group of wanyama stood around the hole and looked down. The chimpanzees, Marlene and Maurice had wrapped Kowalski's...
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Believe me: I know how a dead body touching feels. Everybody, who has (had) a pet knows…

A Dawn Of Hope

Private awoke. He felt cold and thirsty. His throat and eyes hurt from crying. He closed his flippers tighter around Kowalski and new tears came to his eyes as he felt that his body was stiff and cold. It was like hugging a rock – no returning of any emotions. Private sobbed.

The nightfall had began. The dark clouds had mgawanyiko, baidisha apart and the sky wore a deep blue. The noises of the nightly forest around him frightened the little penguin, auk and he searched for protection in the hugging of the...
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Okay, I never was in Central Park and don't know what species of trees are growing there, so I took the ones which are spread widely over my country…

Flight And Sacrifices

Private had spotted him too.

"Oh no" he heard Kowalski say quietly through the wind.

Skipper made a step in their direction.

"Run" Kowalski whispered, but nobody moved.

Skipper was now walking towards them. First slow, then faster.

"RUN!" Kowalski shouted and they turned around and fled into the forest. Kowalski looked back and saw Skipper getting nearer. He was fast and they were too slow. Private and Rico just couldn't...
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This story is an essay to Sandrei20's "I sense evil around you" - for those, who haven't read it, here a short summary (by Sandrei herself) : "After becoming possessed kwa unclean spirits from Madagascar island, Skipper has turned immensely evil and becomes a public threat to all zoo habitants, especially.. to Marlene. The wanyama feel extremely petrified and hopeless." In the end, Marlene wakes up in her hiding place and discovers the whole zoo's in flames, explosions are heard, a thick black wingu on the sky... and she sees Skipper's foggy eyes. Then, there's another explosion, ten times stronger...
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Penguins of Madagascar

It was lazy afternoon for the penguins. Nothing special was happening today, it was actually really boring. Kowalski was in the lab concocting, Rico was kusoma a weekly magazine known as "Gorgeous Explosions!" Private was watching some reality onyesha on Nickelodeon, and Skipper was relaxing in his bunk.

"Men, front and center." Skipper jumps down from his bunk and stands firmly, waiting for his team. Everyone does as he ordered. "Seeing as everyone has been doing an exceptional job all this month, I've decided to treat wewe all. Were taking a vacation to Sunlight Metropolis,...
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