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posted by Penguin11
Claudia and Skipper were sprawled over the meza, jedwali yet again, screaming at each other. This seemed like a inayopendelewa past-time for the two. It was an enjoyable experience for the rest of the team, too, though. They would bet on who would win if they ever got into a fist-fight. (Skipper didn’t know they always betted on Claudia.)
Private lay his head against the hard concrete meza, jedwali in shame. “Would wewe two please quit fighting?” He screamed over all the yelling. The two fighting parties, who were still yelling, turned their heads to Private and screamed, “Never!” Whilst still trying to...
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I am the crowd
Im ch-checking out
these pitures of you
about things that wewe do
there so magical
and your so fantasical
i watch every epi that there is
i know who wewe are and the dreams that wewe wish
i bet wewe know me
i got your plush toy that was free,
cuz wewe know that *Skipper I,
im your biggest shabiki i'll follow wewe until wewe upendo me, Papa-Paparazzi.
*Skipper theres no other *8th grade girl wewe know that i'll be, Papa-Paparazzi.
Promise i'll be kind, and i wont stop until that penguin, auk is mine
*Skipper you'll be famous, chase wewe down till wewe upendo me, Papa-Paparazzi.
I was that girl that was staring...
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posted by krazy4kowalski
And the winner is....

The Penguins of Madagascar!

I would like to thank everyone who made this contest possible, especially our two outstanding writers!

The judge reported that Operation: nyumbani Sweet nyumbani was entertaining and realistic. She alisema that she could almost believe that it was an actual episode. "The creativity is unbelievable!" The Judge was quoted as saying.

On the other hand, she thought that the Spongebob entry was too short, lacked imagination, and was monotonous.

This makala will be ilitumwa on both sites.

Spongebobers, wewe now have to post an makala on your site about how much wewe upendo POM. wewe have until inayofuata Saturday to do so.

Penguins of Madagascar fans, commence Operation: Celebrate!!
posted by krazy4kowalski
OK, as wewe might know, Spongebob beat POM in the KCA. Well, I say we challenge those jerks over at the Spongebob fansite! To a fanfiction contest!
Here's the plan: We post something on their site telling them about the contest. Then, we nominate our best writer to represent us. Representative writes fanfiction and posts it on either our site au theirs (we'll decide that later). We find an impartial person and ask him/her to decide which fanfiction they like better. Loser has to write an makala to be ilitumwa on their own site about how great the other onyesha is.
If wewe like the plan, maoni and give suggestions. We need peaople to represent us also. Remember: This is a contest for true fans. This is a test of your faith. And if wewe don't agree with this, then please, we respect your opinion but this contest doesn't hurt anyone. So don't sabbatoge us. All right then. Commence Operation PAYBACK!
posted by ggreen7295
Blazing Love

-NYFD, 2300 Hours

An alarm rang, the moto men sprang to the pole and slid down to the 1st floor. And most immediately went to the moto trucks. One ran to another.

“What's the diagnoses?” One fireman asked

“A moto at the Central Park Zoo.” The other said.

The first fireman lowered his head, closed his eyes, and sighed in disappointment. “Jesus, people trying to kill wanyama these days?”

“I don't know if that was the cause of the problem.” Then he started to run towards a firetruck. Then he turned and put his arms out towards the fireman. “But there's only one way to...
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posted by kowalskicrazy
Private looked at the ceiling with horror as his beak unconciously dropped. He held back a deafening shriek. A spider, as large as a car, made a web of pure buibui silk holding 3 frightened penguins with web on their mouth. Private felt utterly useless. He felt as if his legs were going to give out at any moment. The buibui neared Skippers neck to inject poison when private shouted. Private: hey! Leave him alone! Before private knew it the buibui clashed with him and suddenly found himself on the floor. He screamed only to remember, no one could help him. (zoom into skippers dream)
A voice...
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posted by annieptc
The battle was fierce and bloody. The muhuri had Private pinned against a ukuta of ice. He gave Skipper a look, a certain look that was full of all sorts of indescribable emotions. Skipper looked back at him, as the muhuri opened its deadly jaws and went in for the kill.


Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private trudged through the snow. The ride to Antarctica went very badly. A snowstorm knocked the penguins off course and caused them to crash their planes. None were badly injured, thankfully, just some scrapes and bruises.

Skipper stopped, looked around, and put on a happy face. He exclaimed, “I...
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posted by mouseandowl
I went on and found a Novelization of the movie to pre-order.


Here is the plot:
When Private gets kidnapped, it's up to the other penguins to save him from the dastardly Dr. Octavius Brine. But can Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico get him before Dr. Octavius Brine uses his "Medusa Serum" and steals the cuteness from all the penguins in the world?

And there wewe go, the plot of the movie! I don't know when North Wind gets involved, though.
*Few years later, The Danish army with Skipper got many victory in the battle of New World... he never thought he will be there to celebrate the victory knowing if his past really un-supported... that was changed his life. But time kwa time, Skipper started to forget his old best friend, Manfredi Ivan and Johnson Davis and all of them finally united again in one mission... but everything wewe took in the morning must be back in the night. But then, un-strange man will bring Skipper's relativity died one kwa one... his bestfriends, his teacher, his leader... soon. And his past will be back once...
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Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private were in their secret base under Centeral Park Zoo playing cards and eating samon, it was a very quiet siku at the zoo, Julian had gone on holiday, most of the zoo wanyama had been up all night and so were asleep. At that point the sonar system on Kowalski's computer had picked up something, the penguins then abandoned their game and slid to the screen "Kowalski, analysis" alisema Skipper putting his fins his hips, Kowalski turned to Skipper "sir it seems that three objects of different sizes are heading this way at incredible speeds"
"Right, Rico we need weapons,...
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posted by spmana123
Today was the day, the siku we would start our relaxing weekend away from this zoo and just enjoy ourselfs, everybody was ready expect for Kowalski, who alisema he was going to get our "transportation", and told us to wait there.

"Where could he be?, I want to go now!" alisema julien impatiently.

"He'll be here" I said, hoping I was right.

"Woohoo!!, vacation, finally, I've been pooped out all week" alisema Rico, cuddling with ms.perky.

"That's the spirit Rico, I've been wanting this vacation too" alisema private, making sure all his stuff was together.

"Oh, he's here!" alisema mort jumping up and down excitedly....
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 Garrett Bobby Ferguson trying to take over the park.
Garrett Bobby Ferguson trying to take over the park.
hujambo guys! So, this is it and in this series, I'll be putting one villian from Regular Show. So enjoy.

Private woke up. He fixed his kitanda and was on his feet. But he did not see any light from outside. "I'm pretty sure it's daylight."Private said. But as he opened the samaki bowl, he was so astonished. The world was a disaster. "Buy me the park au else."Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. commandee. "Never!"Skipper exclaimed.c Soon, GBF Jr. shot Skipper's leg. "SKIPPA!"Private exclaimed. he dragged the flat-headed penguin, auk behind the bushes. "What are wewe doing, Private?"Skipper asked. Private peeked on...
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In the New York jail, there have been criminals who have been expected to commit the crimes they have, whether it was stealing au destroying property. Obviously, Cecil, Brick, and X were all in the jail, but the most unexpected criminal of all was Monique, and it wasn't even her fault.
A while ago, she caught Blowhole creating a chemical mixture illegally. Since he knew she was helping the police while not even being a cop, he injected her with the mixture a dakika before they came. Ever since, she's been beating people and places up and it got her where she is and, without her knowing, will...
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Okay. I know that I'm in the middle of Book 1 but eventually, every 5 chapters that i make, i'll put a trailer. so enjoy!

Previously...many things happen before the destiny will come true. First off, young Private started to have visions of him meeting Henry. The treasures and the answer are coming one kwa one. Next, Private and Phoebe moved in the orphanage. This time, the destiny starts...

Chapter 5: Tragical News

"Why Blowhole?!"Private angrily asked. "Of course young Private, it passed off one kwa one from my ascendant then to me. If only the real chosen one was here, he would have been dead...
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(Note: This Is Based Of The Cold Opening of the Family Guy episode "North To North Quahog" and Some Of The Shows Listed Are Stuff I Made Up and are Marked In Italics)

Kowalski: Skipper I'm In Here With Big News!

Skipper: What Is It Kowalski? Denmark Beat America In The Olympic mpira wa wavu Tournament?

Kowalski: No We've Benn Canceled!

Rico: WHAT?

Private: oh deer.

Skipper: *spits out samaki Coffee* CANCELED?

Kowalski: Yes.

Private: Why Would They Do That?

Kowlaski: Well Nickelodeon Had To Make Room For Great Shows Like: Fred: The Show, T.U.F.F. Puppy, Planet Sheen, House Of Anubis, Supah Ninjas, Bucket...
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posted by annieptc
The leopard muhuri roared angrily, and knock all the penguins off their feet with its strong tail. The muhuri gazed around its prey, and its eyes landed on young Private. It picked up Private with its teeth, and smashed him against the ukuta of ice.

With Private stunned, the muhuri pinned him to the wall. Private gave Skipper a look, a certain look that was full of all sorts of indescribable emotions. Skipper looked back at him, as the muhuri opened its deadly jaws, and went in for the kill.

“NOT MY SON, wewe B****!” Skipper yelled as he jumped on the head of the seal. The muhuri stopped trying to kill...
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One siku in the central park zoo a new penguin, auk arrived in the penguin, auk habitat with a scar going down his right eye down to his left flipper but he hides a deadly secret. . .
Kowalski: We'll be invading Blowhole's base any questions?
Wolf: We're good.
Later that evening. . .
Kowalski: so did wewe leave any one behind in Colorado?
Wolf: No, did you?
Kowalski: yes, Dorris the dolphin
Blowhole: welcome mbwa mwitu my old friend *evil laugh*
Kowalski: Wait. . . how do wewe know Blowhole?
Wolf: We used to be allies but the last time I trusted him he gave me this scar.
Blowhole: Now to unleash my penguin, auk bomb,...
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Dreaming in Black ‘N’ White

Chapter 3 – One Fight. One Skipper

    Marlene and Kitka brought out their wings and hands (paws) respectively as they charged one another. The two came together in the center of the penguins’ habitat, as Kitka’s wings wrapped around Marlene. The two females began to aggressively push and shove each other as they continually growled at each other. “You’re going to pay, Kitka, for even trying to go after my Skipper!” Marlene snarled. In the meanwhile, Kitka was somewhat gaining the advantage over Marlene, pushing her a few feet backwards....
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posted by Ninjaorca
Dearest Penguins,
WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?! wewe took away all our hardly worked profits from performing songs on television. So I've come to announce that your annual fee of "borrowing money" is about 2 million dollars. Oh yes, I almost forgot about Kowalski's latest attempts to attract Doris... again, which is another 2000 dollars. Anyhow, try to be normal penguins for once and return the fees of money.
From,Your Marafiki At Hoboken. PS Savio is still seeking revenge :P

Dear Hobokeneers,
See wewe on the little floating zoo in the sky!
From, HIGHLY CLASSIFIED PS You've made a bid mistake!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
posted by JayJay12
 The penguins investigate.
The penguins investigate.
Night,at the zoo...
Private:Skipper,nothing seems to be bad
*Rico becomes scared*
Skipper:Well,all right.I can just sleep with-
*Kowalski turns angry*
Kowalski:Cream!Cream!Cream!WE ALL GET IT!!!
Skipper:Kowalski,what's with you?!
Skipper:Well,who are wewe in upendo with?!
*Skipper turns red*
Skipper:Forget this!Let's sleep!
The inayofuata day...
Cream:Hey,hon!*kisses Skipper*
*Skipper kisses Cream as soon as Kowalski comes*
Skipper:Cream,I upendo you!
Cream:I upendo you,too!
*Cream leaves the HQ*
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