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(Note: This Is Based Of The Cold Opening of the Family Guy episode "North To North Quahog" and Some Of The Shows Listed Are Stuff I Made Up and are Marked In Italics)

Kowalski: Skipper I'm In Here With Big News!

Skipper: What Is It Kowalski? Denmark Beat America In The Olympic mpira wa wavu Tournament?

Kowalski: No We've Benn Canceled!

Rico: WHAT?

Private: oh deer.

Skipper: *spits out samaki Coffee* CANCELED?

Kowalski: Yes.

Private: Why Would They Do That?

Kowlaski: Well Nickelodeon Had To Make Room For Great Shows Like: Fred: The Show, T.U.F.F. Puppy, Planet Sheen, House Of Anubis, Supah Ninjas, Bucket...
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posted by annieptc
The leopard muhuri roared angrily, and knock all the penguins off their feet with its strong tail. The muhuri gazed around its prey, and its eyes landed on young Private. It picked up Private with its teeth, and smashed him against the ukuta of ice.

With Private stunned, the muhuri pinned him to the wall. Private gave Skipper a look, a certain look that was full of all sorts of indescribable emotions. Skipper looked back at him, as the muhuri opened its deadly jaws, and went in for the kill.

“NOT MY SON, wewe B****!” Skipper yelled as he jumped on the head of the seal. The muhuri stopped trying to kill...
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One siku in the central park zoo a new penguin, auk arrived in the penguin, auk habitat with a scar going down his right eye down to his left flipper but he hides a deadly secret. . .
Kowalski: We'll be invading Blowhole's base any questions?
Wolf: We're good.
Later that evening. . .
Kowalski: so did wewe leave any one behind in Colorado?
Wolf: No, did you?
Kowalski: yes, Dorris the dolphin
Blowhole: welcome mbwa mwitu my old friend *evil laugh*
Kowalski: Wait. . . how do wewe know Blowhole?
Wolf: We used to be allies but the last time I trusted him he gave me this scar.
Blowhole: Now to unleash my penguin, auk bomb,...
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Dreaming in Black ‘N’ White

Chapter 3 – One Fight. One Skipper

    Marlene and Kitka brought out their wings and hands (paws) respectively as they charged one another. The two came together in the center of the penguins’ habitat, as Kitka’s wings wrapped around Marlene. The two females began to aggressively push and shove each other as they continually growled at each other. “You’re going to pay, Kitka, for even trying to go after my Skipper!” Marlene snarled. In the meanwhile, Kitka was somewhat gaining the advantage over Marlene, pushing her a few feet backwards....
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posted by Ninjaorca
Dearest Penguins,
WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?! wewe took away all our hardly worked profits from performing songs on television. So I've come to announce that your annual fee of "borrowing money" is about 2 million dollars. Oh yes, I almost forgot about Kowalski's latest attempts to attract Doris... again, which is another 2000 dollars. Anyhow, try to be normal penguins for once and return the fees of money.
From,Your Marafiki At Hoboken. PS Savio is still seeking revenge :P

Dear Hobokeneers,
See wewe on the little floating zoo in the sky!
From, HIGHLY CLASSIFIED PS You've made a bid mistake!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
posted by JayJay12
 The penguins investigate.
The penguins investigate.
Night,at the zoo...
Private:Skipper,nothing seems to be bad
*Rico becomes scared*
Skipper:Well,all right.I can just sleep with-
*Kowalski turns angry*
Kowalski:Cream!Cream!Cream!WE ALL GET IT!!!
Skipper:Kowalski,what's with you?!
Skipper:Well,who are wewe in upendo with?!
*Skipper turns red*
Skipper:Forget this!Let's sleep!
The inayofuata day...
Cream:Hey,hon!*kisses Skipper*
*Skipper kisses Cream as soon as Kowalski comes*
Skipper:Cream,I upendo you!
Cream:I upendo you,too!
*Cream leaves the HQ*
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posted by PrivatPaparazzi
Have wewe ever heard of a multi? That's when zaidi than one person writes a story. Well, today I'm going to continue Skipper12a's story. Enjoy!

Chapter 6: Attack stack Agony (wow, this really is going underway!)
SK: Alright, team! We’ve detected a snowcone gari outside the zoo. Anybody wants snowcones?
(All penguins including Skipper raise a flipper, Rico raises two)
SK: No, Rico, one per penguin.
RC: Aww! (puts one flipper down)
SK: So it’s decided. Everyone’s going to get a snowcone each! Who’s going for rainbow?
(everyone raises a flipper again)
KW(Private): -Uh oh, doesn’t that mean we’ll...
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In the Family Guy universe
Peter: I got the fuel we need. (pulls out some cans of beer)
Cleveland: Quick question, is the bia for the fuel au for you?
Peter: For the fuel, Cleveland. (runs over a skeleton on a motorcycle) Sorry, Ghost Rider!
P: We're seem to be making zaidi progress than Johnny Test and Robot Chicken.
K: Seems like Susan is making something to keep everything Johnny can hear censored.
S: wewe can tell from the rearview mirror?
K: Well, yea, and I have a feeling that some foul language is gonna come along. (the Masked Power Racer's car comes kwa the penguins' car and the window is down)...
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posted by karenkook
"Romeo and Juliet" will now be called "Romeo and Juliet... and Romeo?" Also, I'm uandishi 3 separate stories on different spots!!! :O Sorta hard for me to be fast.
   Chapter 2
   Julien turned onto his side to see Private standing there looking down at him. "Oh, hello Private." Julien mumbled. "What are wewe doing here?"
   "Well, wewe seem a bit down in the dumps zaidi than usual." Private replied. Julien responded kwa laying on his back and sighed. "Still upset about Marlene?" Private, along with a few zaidi animals, noticed that Julien hasn't been himself since the whole 'Skilene' thing. He...
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posted by skipperfan5431
THAT AFTERNOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lilly needed to get a new dress for homecoming, so she and Dani went to the mall after school. "What about this one?" Dani asked, holding up a long lavender dress. Lilly looked it over and stuck out her tounge. "Come on Dani. PURPLE? I always wear purple dresses! Let's mix it up!" Lilly said, grabbing a bunch of colorful dresses. Dani couldn't even be seen because she was being suffocated kwa a colorful pile of death! XD Then Lilly grabbed a cherry-red dress from the pile. "Perfect..."
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posted by Bluepenguin
Fright. Dread. Questioning.

Each moment thrusted a new kind of horror upon Sylvia, one of the small spidermonkeys of the Central Park Zoo. The growling and deep snarls of some sort of horrible beast rebounded from inside her brick habitat, and she clung to the mti in horror.

"What is that nasty thing?! The Jersey Devil?!?"

She swung in a serpentine manner, reaching all the ropes and rungs on her mti till she achieved landing on the highest point of the habitat.

Sylvia peered down at the ground below. Artificial grass, circular enclosure, and her three fellow companions restfully dozing; Linda,...
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Skipper added "Woah, woah, Private relax, it's not real, like what Kowalski said, it's just a prank, just don't believe everything wewe hear, right Rico?", "Yup" Rico said.

"Hmmm I guess wewe guys are right, I'm just scaring myself silly" I responded, chuckling. That night, I was busy cleaning up my bunk when I attempted to play the scary ring tone. Soon enough after that, I canceled the sound and proceeded to my bunk. Though scared, I was even zaidi curious if the sound file was just really a prank au an evidence to a real murder, either way I can't prove anything. I was thinking of homicide,...
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posted by Metallica1147
Chapter 3

Over at the penguins HQ, the team has just finished their all siku training.

"Great work today team, wewe all did great, now when Private gets better he will have to make up from his missed day."

"Uh Skipper I do agree with you, but I also have to agree with Marlene thou, wewe where pushing Private a bit too hard today."

"You too Kowalski, why must wewe side with Marlene on this situation?"

"I'm not siding with anyone Skipper, but wewe must learn that we all have limits to ourselves, even wewe sir."

"Well… I guess you're right, I was pushing Private a little bit too hard, and I'll be sure to...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Lilly emerged from the HQ to find Skipper curled up in the fetal position and sucking on his flipper. Ofcourse when he saw her, he stood up and tried to look as macho as possible. He DOES have a rep to maintain. "Skipper. The boys told me all about Roy. Do wewe REALLY have to be that scared of him?" She asked calmly. Skipper looked at her and frowned. "You haven't been to Afghanistan Lilly! wewe haven't seen what i've seen! And HE'S the one that made me go through it all! I CAN'T GO THROUGH THAT TORTURE AGAIN!!" Skipper started to cry into Lilly's shoulder. "I-I had no idea...." Lilly's voice...
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wewe may like to read it as an introduction to my stories (yes, there will be zaidi of them!).

I alisema it about 124th time today, though. But I still, still can't believe it. I've been here for three months, and I still say 'Wow' every day. Why?
I'm living in the middle on New York ina secret HQ with a command, including 4 guys and 4 girls. wewe know, the Penguins.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Before wewe leave, just let me tell wewe that it isn't a Mary Sue story. I'm not a Super Cool And Wonderful Girl Who Saves The World And Finds Her True Love. No. I'm just a fifteen years old nerd, who isn't sure...
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posted by Colonelpenguin
The penguins where eating chajio, chakula cha jioni at my mansion it was huger then two football fields and a half.
But, thing suddenly change when my sister walked in and they kept on tripping over my carpet.
Sister: I have good news.
Me:Spit it out.
Sister: I forget but I have a....
Me:A what
Sister:Oh...Right I have a note for you
Note: Dear person who lives on Falling Sky mitaani, mtaa we will be putting a 7-foot and 9In. bomb in the house today at 2pm.(I'd look at the clock and it was 5pm.) And wewe have 2 and a half hours to pack your stuff.
Me:We need to find to find the bomb before we will make a big BOOM BOOM!
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Two days later, Kowalski decided to try the experiment again, but much zaidi carefully this time. He locked himself in his lab, using a brand-new lock that opened kwa entering a nenosiri on the keypad - a nenosiri only he knew. Nope - this time, no one would get hurt, he was sure of it.

That is… except for myself… he thought grimly as he picked up the syringe and once again prepared himself for the injection. It was much harder this time to poke himself, now that he knew what would happen afterward. His flippers shook, and he Lost confidence. What finally made him do it was imagining a better,...
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If wewe know me well, wewe will know that I am a HUGE Broadway freak. The Great White Way is MY way. So, I used this to my advantage: this story will be a direct spin-off of the gothic classic "Jekyll and Hyde" (which itself was based on Robert L. Stevenson's classic novel of a similar name). Some of the dialougue will be taken directly from the script, where I will indicate with *'s around the section, and then at the end, I'll give the name of the song and a Youtube link, if I can find one (I couldn't for this first song) and also, wewe should know that I own a copy of the "Complete Work" which...
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posted by Metallica1147
A krisimasi Surprise
Chapter 1: Guess whose coming?

It's an early cold morning in the Central Park zoo, and in the otter habitat Brandon is just waking up. While Marlene is cleaning her habitat like a neat freak.

"Marlene, what are doing?"


"Why are wewe cleaning? krisimasi isn't until this Saturday."

"I know but I got a message from my parents saying that they will be here tomorrow!"

"Your parents?"

"Yeah why?"

Brandon didn't say anything for a few minute, but then he explained.

"I… never knew my parents."

"You didn't? I thought your parents lived with wewe back at your old zoo."

"No, I have...
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The inayofuata day, before Alice arrived with food, Skipper sneaked off to Marlene’s and gave her the necklace. She absolutely loved it, and set it on a small meza, jedwali so that aforementioned zookeeper wouldn’t see her wearing it.
During the day, when Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico were out being adorable, Amy went to explore the surrounding sewers. Rodney was still pouting about Marlene’s rejection.
“I mean, come on!” he complained. “I’m a good-looking guy, right? Look at me!”
Ian did not pay attention. He was considering the circumstances and thinking though his new plan.
He knew...
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