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My FIRST ever poem on this site. Please enjoy.. =)

In my lab.... All is quiet..
Not a single sound but the matters of my own thoughts running through my very cerebrum...
My moyo pounds with every deep breathe I create...

My very feathers feel a slight chill...Coolness...
The light from the vials laid upon my meza, jedwali seem to gleam with a ghostly glow and my eyes, filled with that of Ice Blue irises seem to shimmer with heat..

Chemicals react....react inside my very soul..
The very soul which I was born with...

Chemicals react and all emotions are rolled into one...

Chemicals react when I fulfill the...
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posted by Veki-san
It was a cold night of October and there were only two weeks before it was Halloween, everyone in the zoo started to decorate for the celebration, Julien and his servants were very confused with all the preparations for the celebration.

—Maurice!!! —the lemur King shouted alarmed. —Maurice, come here now!!! —soon, the aye-aye lemur approached to him.

—What´s the problem your majesty? —Maurice asked him worried, but then he looked how Alice was putting a pumpkin, boga with a scary face on the habitat of the lemurs, she seemed a little less grumpy than normal. —What´s that thing? —Maurice...
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posted by fun123fun
skipper was planing there trip 2 antartica kowlski was makeing his invention rico kusoma his magazen (you saw him kusoma his magazeen in "jiggles") so private wanted to onyesha polly around the zoo private just couldnt get enough of polly's cuteness so the tour began. while they passed the lemur habitat king julien saw it polly's neckcless was plastic bu that didnt stop him

"i want the neckless!" king juilen demaned

he wanted the neckless imagin him with it he would look like a real king

anyway polly and private went to marlene's habitat

marlene:oh who is this little cutey pie oh i just want to...
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posted by skipperluvs
The story has been updated. Please go here to read CHAPTER 3.


...Review! That's all for now, Folks!

oh and this thing told me I had to make this "article longer" au else it would be a I'm just going to write bila mpangilio stuff....

Oh well...hi...I...went bowling today...It's hot right shati is red. Penguins are cool... There is a thing that is telling me to says watch. Am I going to click? Hell no. bila mpangilio Smiley face time!

Em...that's about it...enjoy the story...oh and please...when wewe review, review it on fanfiction, not here please (: OH...What else? IDK...Well...BYE!
posted by KowalskiGirl345
K: Yea im tired.
S: Yea,before we go to bed,why were wewe gone Private?
P: I dont know realy.
S: Ok? wewe know when it happened?
P: Yea, I think so.
S: Ok, lets here it then.
P: Umm... I think it happened when I was left at home, when all of wewe lefted.
K: Oh, well that makes alot of sence.
S: Hows, that?
K: Well, we left the house with young Private here alone, and when we came back, we thought he was in bed.
S: Yea, we did not even look in his bed, so we thought he was still there.
K: Duh!
S: Also, Private, who took wewe anyway?
K: And why did they bring wewe back?
P: Um not sure about who took me,...
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posted by skipperluvs
Chapter 2

Note: Sorry about not updating so soon! I've been sort of busy, so yeah…You get the whole idea, thought I am really surprised about all the people that ametoa maoni the story! I really loved the reviews, and to tell wewe guys the truth, this story was just going to be a one-shot! I was pretty bored one siku so I just wrote it…and well, I decided to post it anywhere I could. I am quite pleased with the reviews that I got, which is what motivated me to keep going. Thank wewe to all my audience!

Second Note: The following chapter is in Kowalski's point of view.

I don't know why I did that....
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posted by KowalskiTheLich
Unknown to the penguins, over the inayofuata few days, Kowalski lurked in the sewer underneath them and listened to most of their conversations. A small side tunnel in the main sewer system had branched to a very convenient area located directly under the penguin, auk habitat, where a small hole in the floor allowed Kowalski to stand underneath the habitat and hear the others nearly perfectly. Kowalski made sure to be very quiet while listening at the hole, since he didn’t want anyone to hear him.

Kowalski was not, of course, planning to stay down there forever, in fact, he regularly went back to the...
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posted by Jhoman12
*At Marlene's Place*
Marlene:Ok I'm almost done Cleaning
Skipper:Hey Marlene
Marlene:Oh hujambo Skipper What wewe Doing Here?
Skipper:Just Wanna Ask wewe something (Gulps)
Marlene:What Is It?
Skipper:Do wewe Want to Go Out with Me?
Marlene:*Marlene Looks Nervous* uh Uh Yeah Sure
Marlene:No Problem
*When Marlene Was going To Meet Skipper She Ran In to Juilan*
Marlene:Juilan What? I Going to Go On A tarehe with skipper
Juilan: I Just Letting wewe Know Silly otter That I A Surprise
Marlene:Not Now
Marlene:Fine But Hurry I don't Want skipper to Get Mad
*At juilan's Place*
Juilan:You Ready?
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posted by sarah12499
First fanfic :D

Skipper stayed up all night thinking about what his soldier had done, "What do I do, I don't know if I should be angry au worried about him." Skipper turns to the bunks everyone was sleeping except him.Private was sleeping peacefully with his lunacorn in hand, Rico with his dynamite.For some odd reason skipper let him sleep with it tonight, usually he would just take it away.Skipper was about to get in his bunk when he spotted Kowalski tossing and turning in his bed. "I wonder what Kowalski is dreaming about." Skipper then remembers about Kowalski's Dream Catcher, an invention...
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It was a beautiful morning in centeral park zoo, it was just after sunrise. Most wanyama were still asleep, until there was a colossel KOBOOM!

Kowalski stumbled out from the lab, his feathers stuck out from all sides, covered in black flakes. He was holding onto a ray gun

S: Morning Kowalski
K: *cough* Morning Skipper
S: What exploded this time
K: My super-atonicanator, it is suppose to give us all super-powers! Based on my reserch... It is suppose to give us the powers based on our personalities!

Skipper gave Kowalski a blank expression, he slowely put down his coffe mug and sighed. Private yawned...
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Author’s Note: Sorry for the wait everyone. My computer has a virus and I can’t use it. So till I get a new computer now I have to use my mom’s small laptop. Sorry for the long wait everyone.

Chapter 9:The Parade

The inayofuata morning, it was time. The alliance and the red lobster, kamba army were getting ready to invade the parade and take over the city. The penguins, otters, and Nori was still tied and locked up in the other room. It was just about time for attack.

“Alright everyone, today is the day!” alisema Hans, “Today we invade the parade and take over this city!”

“Yeah and onyesha those...
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posted by Amberpet
Skipper: hujambo Lets tell stories!! How about when we were little penguins in penguin, auk kindergarten!!

Miss Multiply: Alrighty class it's time for the uandishi essay!!

Skipper: But teach...I'm not ready!

Everyone: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Multiply: Yes we all aren't....GET TO WORK!!!

Kowalski: * starts uandishi * Skipper made me cry when we were one dakika old so for that....SKIPPER WILL PAY!!

Princable Frieza: * One megaphone * Ummm students everyone ripoti to my office. There has been a vandilisum. * everyone walks up to office and friea onyesha the the door * THIS wewe THINK THIS IS FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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posted by skipperfan5431
(This story will Skip throughout the year. I mean, I can't write a whole school mwaka in one story. Im just gonna go kwa the seasons.... haha!)
Kowalski was still in the bathroom, cleaning off the tuna samaki from his backside. (he fell remember? XD) As he was in there, he heard Lilly stomping down the hall angrily. Muttering to herself. "Ouch..." alisema Rico,as he and Brandon came into the bathroom. "What?" Kowalski asked, throwing some napkins away. Brandon then walked over to Kowalski. "Dude. Lilly just slapped a cupcake in Skipper's face for tripping you! She totally digs you!" Brandon...
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"I need a screw driver..." Kowalski alisema annoyed.

"That won't fix it, you'll jam, jamu it more." Skipper alisema "How about wewe unscrew it and put the whole thing back together."

Kowalski wanted to so badly jump up and yell at him saying "I'M THE SMART ONE! I KNOW HOW TO FIX THINGS!!!" But he decided not to. And also decided not to take the wrench that Skipper was 'patiently' holding.

Private finally decided to creep to the fridge and grab some breakfast, then sneakily creep back to his bunk and hide under the covers and eat.

"Good morning Private" Skipper said.

Private screamed. "EEEK! Oh uhh.. I thought...
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posted by sarah12499
kwa the time Private, Rico, and Marlene got to the lemurs habitat Julien was having his morning pampering. Private walked up to Maurice, who was massaging Julien's back. "Hello Maurice!" Maurice looked up " hujambo Private, what brings wewe guys here?" Julien got up "yeah, don't wewe stinky penguins have better things to be doing?" Private ignored Julien's maoni " Skipper needs your guys help with something." Maurice cleaned himself off and started getting ready for his majesty's sponge bath. "Well then wewe should be asking him." Maurice points over to Julien. Private walks over " We need your help."...
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posted by ricoiswsome
 Private Vs. nge
Private Vs. Scorpion
Fighting styles: Hapkido, Pi Gua
Weapons: Bloody spear, Ninja sword
Abilities:can manipulate moto to his will
Description: A reserected, heartless, ninja with an Unkown background. Nothing and no one can beat him.
Fighting styles: karate
Weapons: none
Abilities: hyper cute
Description: The youngest and cutest of team penguin, auk also with little known about his background other than he played mini golf. Can use his hyper cute to stun anything, except for his foe.

Private and nge enter the ring. Private starts off with the hyper cute but is ineffective against Scorpion. Slowly nge gets his Bloody Spear ready. Then he shouts "Get over here" and sends the Bloody Spear at Private. With sekunde hesitation nge pulls the bloody spear back with private on it. Victory is Scorpion's.

User: Hi! My name is Mort!! :D.

Cleverbot: So M. Was short for morgan then?

User: No. Do wewe like King Julien's feet??

Cleverbot: No Sorry.

User: His feet are the best-est thing the world!!

Cleverbot: I think therefore I am.

User: wewe are what? :D.

Cleverbot: I think therefore I exist, beyond that I can be sure of nothing.

User: Yay!!

Cleverbot: So cleverbot, tell me of your adventures!

User: I am Mort!

Cleverbot: Are wewe sure?

User: Yes! I like being sure! :).

Cleverbot: Same here.

User: Yay!

Cleverbot: How smart are you?

User: My tail, Rodney, says I an smart!

Cleverbot: Are we still best friends?

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posted by peacebaby7

Gloria & Melman...

Gloria: "How ya doin' weavin' those vines there, Melman?"

Melman: "It's kinda hard to do with my hooves..."

Gloria: "Here, let me help you..." *grabs Melman's hooves & helps him weave the vines* "There, like that."

Melman: "Oh...thanks..." *sigh*

Gloria: "You're welcome."

Skipper: "There wewe are higher mammal...& I mean that literally. I need your help."

Melman: "Uh, sure. What do wewe need me for?"

Skipper: "Just follow me."

*walks over to the platform area*

Melman: "OK, so we're at the platform site, but what do wewe need me here for?"

Skipper: "This operation...
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@Ann0ying_Orange @Lt_Kowalski_ -3-

@Lt_Kowalski_ @Ann0ying_Orange >=D

@Ann0ying_Orange @Lt_Kowalski_ Merp.

@Lt_Kowalski_ @Ann0ying_Orange Huh?

@Ann0ying_Orange @Lt_Kowalski_ Hey. hujambo KOWALSKI!! HEY!!!

@Lt_Kowalski_ @Ann0ying_Orange I will ignore that..

@Ann0ying_Orange @Lt_Kowalski_ Knife.

@Lt_Kowalski_ @Ann0ying_Orange I have a cup and a juicer kwa my side.. Want a round?

@Ann0ying_Orange @Lt_Kowalski_ Naaaaa. I'm good bro :3

@Lt_Kowalski_ @Ann0ying_Orange Then songesha back a bit because I have a lemon..

@Ann0ying_Orange @Lt_Kowalski_ Whut....

@Lt_Kowalski_ @Ann0ying_Orange Nothing..

@Ann0ying_Orange @Lt_Kowalski_ Ms.Gomez shall get you.~

@Lt_Kowalski_ @Ann0ying_Orange Who the hell is that?


@Lt_Kowalski_ @Ann0ying_Orange Uhh... That didn't make sense.. Why don't wewe crawl into a #pantry and die already..

posted by legendary7
It was a frozen Central Park winter morning. All the penguins had just woke up from their night snooze. Every penguin, auk except Kowalski had just awakened. Kowalski had been up all night in his lab creating his latest invention.
S: "Up and at 'em, boys!"
P: "Good morning, Skippah! Where's Kowalski?"
Skipper shrugged
S: "He's probably still in his lab. Kowalski?!"
Kowalski exhaustedly strode out of his lab.
K: "I'm finished! Well almost anyway."
S: "What do wewe mean 'almost'?"
K: "The one chemical I need is only found in the forest's leaves around a vacant hotel upstate."
S: "Splendid! And you're suggesting...
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