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posted by carsfan
hujambo All! :D

Heres a rabdom though I had one day,I wanted to know what the names of Skipper,Kowalski,Rico,Private,Julien,Maurice and Marlene meant! :D I hope wewe like it. Enjoy! :D


S is for Scary

K is for Kinky

I is for Important

P is for Passionate

P is for Pure

E is for Exuberant

R is for Romantic

-- There are 7 letters in your name.
Those 7 letters total to 40
There are 2 vowels and 5 consonants in your name.

What your first name means:English Male Captain.

Your number is: 4

The characteristics of #4 are: A foundation, order, service,...
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posted by anna446
as marlene as getting to nyumbani julion came.he told marlene about the prom he's planing
marlene:wow a prom.
julion:yes a prom and I was hopeing that if I be the prom king wich I am sure I'll be then can wewe be my prom qween?
marlene:no but thanks for asking.
julion leaves
(at the penguins habitat)
julion: hello silly penguins I am to be asking wewe to come to the prom I am hosting?
skipper:*spit take* what but we are...
julion:marlene is going to the prom.
skipper:fine we'll comences operachin:prom night.
(at the party)
skipper:men keep a eye out for marlene.
marlene:hey guys.
(descritchen:marlene is...
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posted by anna446
one night as a storm hit marlene was asleep but mort came in and he could not sleep. marlene remembered a song her mom used to sing to her when she could't sleep so as she put mort on an spare kitanda she sang:

go to sleep
rest opon your bed
may this night bring dreams to your head
hear my voice
never let it die
keep this lullaby
soon the sun shall sat on
long it will be till dawn
never from wewe will I be gone
carry on
with this world of fear
now the time is near
peace will soon rain here

as marlene completed the song mort was fast she was walking outside she saw skipper
marlene:hey skipper so hows the team?
skipper:marlene theres no time to talk my team alisema that they heard a girl singing.
marlene:skipper that was me.
marlene:mort could't sleep so I just sang a lullaby my mom used to sing and mort was out like a light.
skipper:wow marlene your song lulled privete to sleep.
Lexii stepped out of her room. She had gotten a new look just like Dr Blowhole had wanted. She thought she looked OK; she even thought she was pretty. She reached up and ran her paw across her bangs, which covered half her left eye and had a baby blue highlight in the middle. She thought it looked to flashy. She even kind of wanted to go dye it back to just plain white like before. She shook her head. This was part of her mission which she had chosen to except. She walked out of the hall and into the main room.

Dr Blowhole spotted Lexii in the vast room. She hadn't seen him yet. She was beautiful....
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20 years ago. Austin Zoo, Texas. 7:23pm.
3 mwaka old Lexii plays pirate with a stick and a rock she drew a face on. Red One creeps up behind her. She turns around.
Lexii: Hi! Do wewe want to play? wewe can be the bad pirate and i will be the good pirate and throw wewe in jail! It will be fun! *smiles sweetly*
Red One: actually, im here to take wewe on a little trip to a place called New York. That will be even zaidi fun than playing with rocks. *smiles and holds out hand*
Lexii: Oooo!! That sounds way zaidi funner!! Lets go!! *takes his hand and starts skipping along side him*
Red One: we can go as soon...
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posted by thecrazygeinus
Intro to my character E:

E is a female penguin, auk and a highly respected solo agent of the Association. At the agency, she works under the General, a military master and an old friend of E’s parents. When E was born, she had a twin brother and since her father could only keep one egg warm at a time the General cared for her as a close family friend. After E’s mother died shortly after her birth, her father went crazy and Lost her twin brother supposedly to walruses. General then decided to care for the penguin, auk and train her like a solider since her hatching. She also knows Skipper from thier...
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posted by mostar1219
The penguins were playing cards and I come in excited.
Me: Guys, you're not going to believe this!
S: You're finally going to seem human?
Me: What? No! Remember that kid wewe guys thought was a spy?
K: Yea, I remember that kid. Nosy fella.
Me: Yea, just like a little pest I know, but that's beside the point. Guess who's going to perform at that kid's school?
P: The Lunicorns?
Me: wewe wish, Private. And for the correct answer, Angela Bult!
K: Wow, congradulations. Let's hope that kid doesn't get all nosy.
Me: Yea, well, I better go get my wig and outfit ready. Wish me luck. (I leave)
S: Guess the coast...
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posted by alexrusso-213
Alex:make me pen-gu-in
Ron:um.....what happen?
Mars:who are u?
Private:oh sorry for being rude.I am private
Kowalski: Kowalski this is Rico
Alex:why are we in nets?
Mars:same here
Alex:hey I just realize that u and hermy are in the same nets wow
Mars:I am so lonely
Harry:can u please get us out of here!?
Private:sure (cuts open nets)
Alex:I feel so free
Kowalski:u only be there for 3 mintes
Alex:3 mintes is long in my world
Ron:I can't believe I was in a net with
Alex and mars:hermione
Alex :P
posted by ___Sophie___
Weird story

Kowalski: Aww….
Me: i know what will cure that frown.
Private: Finally! I am not winkied anymore..
Kowalski: What?! (sniffles)
Me: Let's make a new science experiment!!
Skipper: Oh no! Let me slap wewe with this FISH!!
Kowalski: Ahhh!!! (runs)
Skipper: What are wewe looking at?
Me: Nuuthing…..why are wewe looking at me with that glare on your face?
Skipper: I’m also gonna slap wewe with this samaki if I’m done with Kowalski….
Me: What!?!

Me and Kowalski flees away…..

Me: Ok that didn't work! I'll just go with Rico instead. hujambo Rico!

Approaches Rico…

Rico! Wha?
Me: Want to jiunge me in my...
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Chapter 5: New Girl

Though out his time in the zoo, Dr. Blowhole has really proven to himself and everyone else in the zoo that he has changed his ways. Even Skipper was convinced that Blowhole turned good, even though he still had a sharp eye on him everyday just to make sure. As for Blowhole he loved his new friends, including the otters, Brandon and Marlene. His best Marafiki in the zoo.

"Ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred! Ready au not, here I come!" alisema Blowhole.

Yes Blowhole was playing hide and seek with Brandon and Marlene and have fun while doing it! Brandon was hiding...
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posted by JediPenguin16
Chapter Two: Redemptions and Temptations

Beau finally came to, and found himself face to face with a pair of large machungwa, chungwa eyes.
" AAAH!" He yelped as he stood up, throwing the fuzzy grey thing off of his face. It landed on the ground on both feet without missing a beat.
" Ooo, Maruice, da new nightzookeeper thingy peson is being a pirate! He is beign very lame at it too. Look at dat, only ONE eye patch. Puuhlleeaaze."
Beau merely stared at the stupidity unfolding before his very eye. From seemingly out of nowhere, the pudgy, darker lemur called Maruice pulled out two eye-patches, which Julien...
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posted by alexrusso-213
Alex:wow that penguin, auk is tall! I feel so short (starts to fake cry)
Harry:al your 14 and u look like ur 12 that's great compare to that tall penguin
Kowalski:well I be!
Alex:that penguin, auk just talk!
Alex:so did that one whoa
Skipper:alright men plan B (the use a bomb to out them to the lair Harry,Alex,Mars,Ron,and hermione were in a net Harry and alex were in one mars was in another and Ron and hermione were in another
Alex:LET US OUT OF HERE!!!!! @&$%#
Harry:Alex don't swear
Private:please don't
Alex:sorry-gasp talking penguin, auk
Private:he alisema that our leader is coming
Alex: i am not scared of him
(skipper came out)
Alex:wow I don't see much

I want to practice to do works on requests. I have been thinking about it... on the labor wewe have to be able to provide their customer/employer what they ask for without any maswali and really make what they want otherwise they won't hire you. Well one siku I have to apply for a job and when that time comes I want to be as prepared as I can be.

So, I am asking you, can wewe make a request on what wewe want me to draw/paint/sketching. Really, wewe can ask for everything! One rule! It has to be Penguins of Madagascar related (I assume wewe don't mind I want to paint PoM fanart, otherwise I wouldn't post this on this spot^^) Come on, it has to be something on your mind wewe would really like to see in a fanart. I want to see if I can pull it off au if I bite off zaidi than I can chew

posted by SJF_Penguin2
Note: Among the many ideas I've had running through my head over the years is this short Skipper and Marlene piece that takes place after the end of the "Huffin and Puffin" episode. I would like to thank those who wished for me to write the 1,000th Penguins of Madagascar makala here.


As the penguins slept several hours after they had sent Hans to live out his life in the cesspool of Hoboken, Skipper suddenly awoke. "My gut tells me something is not quite right," he thought to himself. "But what?"

Skipper climbed out of his bunk and glanced up...
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Chapter 4: Getting Used to the Changes

Blowhole was now living in the zoo, and he was staying at the dolphin habitat with Doris the Dolphin. But Blowhole wanted to spend some time with his new otter Marafiki Brandon and Marlene at their habitat.

“So do wewe like the zoo so far, Blowhole?” asked Marlene.

“I really like it here a lot!” alisema Blowhole.

“That’s good and sorry the penguins where beating wewe up when wewe meant them.” alisema Brandon.

“It’s ok, but are those pen-gu-ins always that crazy?”

“Well not always…well, then again yeah there always that crazy.”

“I can see why...
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posted by JediPenguin16
This is set a few weeks after the prolouge.
Chapter One: And keep your enemies closer...
The Penguins were employing adorbable hi-jinks. The people were loving it, and samaki rained down from the sky. But soon, the crowd dispered.
Alice had locked up, the only lights left were from the setting sun.
" Ah, closing time. Good job today men!" Skipper alisema as he waved to the last of the zoo-goers.
" Yes, we produced a plethera of petrifyingly collasal cuteness." Kowalksi announced as he worked on his abacus. " In fact, I would say that it was over..." He gasped. " Nine thousand!"
" What, nine-thousand!"...
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posted by JediPenguin16
Contains 1 OC-but this story is about Dr. Blowhole. And the Penguins. And the Zoo. And Love, good, evil. Pirates. Lobsters....Look, this orodha will go on forever, so I'm just going to get started.
Well, after Dr. B got defeated, things went a little crazy. The push of a button can change one life drastically.


The last thing he could remember was a clown spewing purple light into his face.
Then, confused voices. Somethign about a "transfigurator" and " why would he keep that in there?"
In fact, these were his only memories. Slowly his dark brown eye opened. White. White walls, bedsheets,...
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posted by karenkook
Chapter 3
Meanwhile, back at the lemur habitat
   Julien kept tossing and turning as he slept. He was having a nightmare, but it started out as a great dream. Julien was laughing as he ran through a familiar part of Madagascar. He was having fun exploring and partying with his subjects. All of his subjects cheered as he danced to the beat. He encouraged everyone else to dance with him. Julien watched as the other lemurs started to dance as well, except for one young male ruffed lemur who sat under the darkness of a tree. His body was white. He has patches of black on his tail, paws, hips, face,...
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posted by karenkook
"Romeo and Juliet" will now be called "Romeo and Juliet... and Romeo?" Also, I'm uandishi 3 separate stories on different spots!!! :O Sorta hard for me to be fast.
   Chapter 2
   Julien turned onto his side to see Private standing there looking down at him. "Oh, hello Private." Julien mumbled. "What are wewe doing here?"
   "Well, wewe seem a bit down in the dumps zaidi than usual." Private replied. Julien responded kwa laying on his back and sighed. "Still upset about Marlene?" Private, along with a few zaidi animals, noticed that Julien hasn't been himself since the whole 'Skilene' thing. He...
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posted by SummerPoM
Chapter 5 - Underwater

Near Bermuda Triangle, 3 a.m.

The morning sky was a little cloudy, but it was not hard to see what was ahead.
"How many kilometers away is Bermuda Triangle?", Skipper asked Kowalski.
"About 7 au 8 miles. Probably there will be turbulence", Kowalski said. "We will be in the pembetatu soon."

The time passed fast. Very fast.
Kowalski was sleepy, like Private, Rico, Marlene and the others, except Skipper. His coffee was infallible.
"Want one?" Skipper alisema as he offered a cup of coffee for him.
"Thanks, Skipper", Kowalski said, yawning and put the plane on automatic control. "But...
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