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Chapter 3: Reaction

The inayofuata morning Brandon and Marlene woke up from their late night mission last night. They were very tired when they got back to the zoo, but were happy that they were successful on their mission. Both otters got up from their rock bed, both yawning and stretching.

"Good morning little bro." alisema Marlene.

"You just upendo calling me that huh?" asked Brandon.

"Yes I do, little bro. Hehe!"

"I still can't believe your older then me and yet I'm bigger then you."

"Don't rub it in. How do wewe think Blowhole slept?"

"I'm guessing fine. But was it really a good idea to just put him in...
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posted by SummerPoM
Chapter 4 - Again

The same day, later.

All members were packing.
Their luggage contained enough for a few days. All bags had survival kit. But nothing was enough for survive in an island.
"Are wewe all ready?", Skipper asked cheerfully.
"YEAH!!", all people said.
"NO!!", Kowalski shouted.
"Why, soldier?", Skipper asked.
"I have a device that communicates and connects us to each other. It will help us."
"A Walkie-Talkie?", Private suggested.
"Yes", Kowalski sighed as he handed the walkie-talkies to everyone. "A Walkie-Talkie".
"Okay, are wewe ready now?", Skipper asked again.
"YEEEAH!!", all said.
"So here...
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posted by SummerPoM
The inayofuata day, Roger's Cafe.

In the alligator-lover's Cafe, Roger, there were sitting: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, Private and Marlene, planning the day.
"Okay", Kowalski said. "So we'll leave NY at 6 o'clock."
"Hmm...", Skipper began. "Maybe a little later."
"But--", Kowalski interrupted himself. "Okay, we'll go later. 7 o' clock."
"Hey, we'll fly in what plane?", Marlene asked.
"Don't worry, Marley", Skipper alisema as she raised an eyebrow. "Kowalski has a military plane that belonged to his grandfather. Right, K'walski?"
"Well... actually...", he said.
"Well, this plane is very old and...
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Chapter 2: I’m on My Way

Later that night Brandon and Marlene left the zoo when everyone was asleep. They made not one noise while leaving to make sure no one woke up. They had left the zoo and made their way. However, Brandon and Marlene had trouble getting to Coney Island. They were so used to being with the penguins when they were outside the zoo, but this time they were on their own.

“Which one is the subway?” asked Brandon.

“Brandon, I think their both the subway.” alisema Marlene.

“No! One say Subway A, the other says Subway B! And their both on opposite sides of the street. One...
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posted by InternetGirl123
Private: Oh dear!

Kowalski: This is weird!

Rico: Hey, I have a beard!

Julien: My muziki box grew to hugocity! It's an up-in-the-air monstrocity!

Mort: What did King Julien say? And why did he say it that way?

Julien: I've got this dummy dumb urge to obey!

Mort: This feels, to me, creepy and wrong!

Julien: To be suddenly talking in song!

Kowalski: Wait! I think I can explain!

Blowhole; It will be extremely lame!

Kowalski: Do wewe mind? This is science!

Blowhole: It's a kind of weird alliance!

Kowalski! Yes! Take my experimental power cell-

Blowhole: Add the Diabolagizer's evil spell!

Kowalski: Plus Julien's...
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posted by karenkook
Chapter 1

   Julien was lying on his back in his bounce house. He sighed sorrowfully as the zoo visitors passed kwa his habitat. Well, only one type of zoo visitors made him sigh, the couples. The two humans looked like they were having fun as they held hands, kissed, and walked around the zoo together looking at all of the animals. They were happy. </I>He</I> was not. Julien would've been dancing alongside his two loyal subjects and closest friends, if it weren't for one person that kept clouding his mind.
   "Marlene." the lemur king whispered sadly so only he can hear. How his...
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posted by theWOLFPACK15
Royal Pains
Chapter 1: Late

We zoom into the Central Park zoo and head inside the Penguin's habitat to see Skipper pacing back and forth, holding his cup of samaki coffee. "She's late. This is the sekunde time that she has been scheduled to come and train." He looks over at Kowalski." Kowalski, give me one reason why we let her jiunge the team"

Quickly, the strategist took out his notes "Well, Skipper, because with out our time raising her she would of been left for dead in the middle of winter, and Private did not want that to happen. Soon you-"

Skipper had a bored expression on his face."Yeah, I know...
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Re-submission and hariri of my old favorite, 7 abominations.
Skilene, but not too much. Has Oc's.
Prolouge:The Mystery
The sky was blue, and the dark autumn upinde wa mvua commandeered the green of the leaves, yet the edge summer was fighting back with it's greatest weapon: heat.
More heat than all the wanyama in the nearby zoo could take, including the Madagascar faring penguin, auk four.The exhausted penguins had waved to the small crowd of sweaty visitors all day.Routine was routine, whether it was hot au cold, a penguins duty must be performed.
" Cute..and cuddly boys..." Skipper repeated the old mantra,...
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posted by SummerPoM
"Hey, Skipper", Private said. "We just wanna help you!"
"Please", Marlene pounded on the door harder. "Open this door, just tell us why you're uigizaji like that!"
"This is classified", Skipper said. "But... I can tell wewe something about this map." He removed the lock, opened the door and they entered the room.
"Okay", Kowalski said. "Now tell us."
"Not here, friend", Skipper alisema as he pressed a button on the remote. Something opened up the floor, like a ladder. They entered everything about their lifes.
Skipper rolled up his map and began to speak, his Marafiki in a horizontal row.
"Gentlemen, I--"...
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Author’s Note: Just so wewe know, I have two OC’s I use for my stories and I will use both of them in this story. If wewe don’t know them, go on my profile, I have a Bio for the both of them. Enjoy the story! :D

Return of the Blowhole
Chapter 1: The Aftermath

The very inayofuata siku after everything that has happen from Dr. Blowhole’s new evil plan that backfired on him, everyone one in the zoo pretty much returned to their normal lives. Well, almost everyone. Skipper was still somewhat a little crazy form losing his mind. All of the penguins were trying to snap him out of it.

“When are you...
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posted by karenkook
Kowalski: Wait, I think I can explain.
Blowhole: It will be extremely lame.
Kowalski: Do wewe mind? This is science.
Blowhole: It's a kind of weird alliance.
Kowalski: Yes! Take my experimental power cell.
Blowhole: Add the diaboligizer's evil spell.
Kowalski: Plus Julien's MP3 player
Blowhole: The combo that makes this musical slayer.

Blowhole and Kowalski: Now everybody sing! Everybody sing! Everybody has to sing. wewe don't have a choice, but to modulate your voice, because everybody must sing.
Zoo animals: Sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing.

Kowalski: The zoo is caught in an energy bubble.
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posted by karenkook
I was trying to sing this. I'll start when Julien starts singing

Okay, monster muziki box
King "J" knows how to rocks.
Give me a thump
So I can wake my rump.
Give me a beat
Then watch me shake my seat!

Everybody get up
And the beat go
Thump, thump, thump.

This is how we do it now
With a thump, thump, thump.
Can wewe feel the funk?
When I dedicate my trunk
To the... *shakes booty rythmatically to the beat three times*

Everbody get up
And the beat go
Thump, thump, thump

Mort and Maurice,
Disturbing the peace.

Everybody get up
And the beat go *slams trash cans to beat*

This is how we do it now
This is how we do it...
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posted by KowalSkip9
I Wanna Control wewe - Neil Patrick Harris, A.K.A Dr Blowhole

Only I, Dr. Blowhole know
How to tame this beast, and so
Won't wewe listen to my power ballad solo, my SOLO

In a world with mediocre minds
Where geniuses dissed kwa ignoramus mankind
Prepare to be pleasantly astounded, ASTOUNDED

Oh, I wanna control you
(Wanna control you)
I wanna make wewe mine

I wanna control you
(Wanna control you)
An offer that I hope wewe shan't decline
I've got a motion of devotion that you're the one for me

A mutant disaster
But I'll be your master
And together we'll be
In a full wicked harmony

Like a beautiful evil destiny
Livin' large, in absolute charge
A metropolitan NYC

I've got a motion of devotion that you're the one for me
You're the one for me


If anyone spots any wrong lyrics, PLEASE let me know. I guessed some of the words, so I'd be glad if wewe spot anything wewe know is a mistake.
posted by alexrusso-213
(at the zoo)
Alex:so came and raise your glass-oh were here
Mars:look at the penguins
Skipper:cute and cuddly boys cute and cuddly
Private:skipper look 14 mwaka olds
Kowalski:they may not be insurers
Alex:oh how cute!
Skipper:well hello
Mars:Alex look
(Harry came with a Rose)
Harry:for u
skipper:so there a boyfriend well 2 can play that game
Mars:hey look a imba competen
Alex:here I am once again feeling Lost but know and then I breath it in to let it go and u don't know where u are know (Alex sang "Make it Shine")
posted by alexrusso-213
Harry:Alex today is your special siku
Alex:fun-sized siku
Harry:yeah I guess and we get to do whatever u want
Alex:aw your a nice boyfriend
Harry:yeah I guess
Mars:where are u going can I come
Alex:yes and I don't know where were going
Mars:how about laser tag I upendo laser tag so do u Alex
Alex:true and we could also go to the zoo
Harry:so laser tag first?
Alex and mars:YEAH!
(at laser tag)
Alex:me,mariella and Hermy are one team and u and Ron on another
Ron:wow u vs your girlfriend
Harry:SHUT UP!
(alex shot Ron)
mariella:now Harry
(after laser tag)
Alex:I bet your team hahahahaha
Harry:hahahahaha okay Alex u won know to the zoo
End of part 1 wonder if skipper falls for Alex
posted by SummerPoM
Somewhere in the sea, 1994.

"Hey, David!", a man shouted. "Are wewe OK?"
"It's kinda cold here", David answered. "But I'm fine!". David was half spy, half soldier. He was in a very dangerous mission. A mission in the weirdest part of the sea, the Bermuda Triangle.
"Are wewe sure wewe want to do this?"
"Affirmative, Alfred."
"You will swim toward death!"
"No with the lost treasure", he looked at the map. "With it, I can do anything!"
"Ow, David. You're very stubborn at times. Your son too."
"I just hope that he don't follow my example", David laughed and dived into the water. "It'll be okay", he thought....
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posted by alexrusso-213
Me:so u know nothing at all
Doon:sorry no
Me:u must fell terbblie
Lina:not really
skipper:Alex it's not there falut
Private:well would u like to came up with us?
Me:we just got here?
(up there)
Lina:what's that?
Me:the 
Doon:the what?
Me:oh god
(Skipper's POV)
me:Alex are u sure
Lina:oh my what's that's
Kowalski:it's a fox, mbweha
(Lina's POV)
me:so Alex do u like anyone
Lina:oh I sort of like Doon
posted by NYCPenguins
Big Tim Rush's Song 'Boyfriend'! But Kowalski decided to sing this for Doris, the Dolphin. Enjoy!

Your Boy, Boy B-B-B-B-B-Boyfriend.
Your Boy, Boy B-B-B-B-B-Boyfriend.
Your Boy, Boy B-B-B-B-B-Boyfriend.
Your Boy, Boy B-B-B-B-B-Boyfriend.

Have wewe ever had the feeling your Drawn to Someone?
And there isn’t anything they could of alisema au Done.
And everyday I see wewe on your own,
And I can’t believe that you're alone.
But I overheard your Girls, and this is what they said.
Looking for a looking, for that your looking for a Boyfriend.
I see that, give me time now wewe know I’m gonna be...
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 The North Face of Mount Everest
The North Face of Mount Everest
Meanwhile, Private has to go save his friends, but he was also afraid of going there alone. He finds out that the Yeti has taken all their belongings, too...

Private: [Panics] "What am I supposed to do, now? I should’ve known this wasn’t a perfect Holiday Destination."

Private plucks up the Courage and follows the Yeti’s Tracks to the Dark Cave. He is surprised when he sees no Yetis in the Entrance of the Cave…

Private: "Perhaps they’ve gone deeper inside!"

Private turns on his Torch and goes deeper inside the Cave. This is getting creepier and creepier! At last, he finds his friends...
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 The North Face of Mount Everest
The North Face of Mount Everest
Private: [Shrieks] "A Yeti?"

Could it be true? He couldn't believe his Eyes! Yetis don’t exist! (A Yeti is a kind of ‘Abominable Snowman’ that looks like an Ape. These are Mythological Creatures of the Himalayan Mountains. They have long Red hair, covering their whole bodies, except the face and hands.)
So, the Yeti glares at Private with its Fiery Red Eyes and growls…

Yeti: "Grrr…"
Private: [Creeps out] "What are you?"
Yeti: "More Victims! Mmmm..." [Stretches out arms to catch Private]
Private: [Gasps] "No, stay away from me!"

Private runs away, gasping in horror. The Yeti springs onto...
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